Friday, August 13, 2010

Benjamin Talks Drive-by Saviours - Themes

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Benji--I can't wait to read this novel of yours -September is almost here!! One of the reasons I am anxious to read it is the social worker and his interaction with who he is supposedly helping- when I was able to work I had some limited experience with social workers with regard to the deveopmentally disabled--and also one superb -and one (well if I don't have anything nice to say I guess I shouldn't say it;-) regarding my own disability case.
Another thing that I think I will find very interesting about your book is the theme of illegal immigration -and immigrants in general- I don't think (just based on what I hear from online friends in Canada) that Canada has an extremely vocal, powerful and very hateful right-wing as we do here in the states.
Right now the wingers are creating a massive wave of much unneeded (the last thing the US needs I think) anger and hatred towards illegal immigrants--and I think to myself- did these people cause us to be in two illegal wars of late? did these people bankrupt the nation while bailing out the super-wealthy bankers? did these people cause national obsessions with such people as Paris Hilton or LeBron James while not giving a fig about much more important matters? are they the ones causing our much talked about-but disappearing freedoms to become little more than sound-bite propaganda? my answer to this and other questions with regard to them is no!
I may not agree with all things regarding illegal immigration-but anytime a people is scapegoated I get very suspicious other agendas may be afoot!
I will be very interested to read your novel for the Canadian view of some of these things-and of course I am sure it will be a wonderful book without even taking these things into account!!
You have a great presence and speaking voice on your video--
all the best to you and your family!!
Devin has aid it all Benji. Same situation here too, I'm afraid. It seems everybody forgets the past when we (the west) were the illegal immigrants.
ps -loved the previous poem you posted!! Desire Seed is one of my top ten favorite modern poems now--really made an impression on me--thanks!!
Thanks Devin. Funny I'm not that confident about my "presence", so that's a nice compliment. And the poem, wow, so glad you liked it so much. It was an experiment with a structure, but also an attempt at honest storytelling. Still not sure if it worked, but it's good to know it had an impact on you. [Here's hoping it has as good an impact on my wife on our upcoming anniversary.]
MD: My friend's polish grandmother put it well after being called on the hypocrisy of one of her patented anti-immigrant rants. "Yes, well," she said, "the ones today are the wrong kind of immigrant."

Sums up that sentiment nicely.
publishing date is right around the corner! i know you are excited.
oh you betcha! and anxious.
btw, official launch is Sept 22.
Well, one more for the reading list.

Actually, I understand the mentality all too well. Not looking at the consequences of one's actions frees them from the guilt those consequences cause others. Better yet, they prevent one from seeing her/his own complicity in creating what he/she sees as a social evil.
Wonderful news! And i must say, Canadian story aside, what you describe is universal. Or it ought to be--sadly, the nation just south of you creates the conditions that allow these drive by saviors to operate. But it is true... you can't just stuff money down a hungry man's (or woman's) throat and expect them to be satisfied, and the same applies on a spiritual level.
I'm excited for you! Good stuff, man. And i know you have to be as well. Bet it can be difficult to sleep. My natural insomnia is bad enough, i would be dying from it all... but in a good way, if that is conceivable...
X: well said, as usual.

Eric: two very good astute thoughts there. I had to tone down my anti-American urges at times writing this. I love your country, but it also gives me fits. And yes, I'm a ball of anxiety right now, in a good and bad way. Just can't wait.
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