Monday, August 28, 2006

The King of Finland

If I was the King of Finland
all the cop cars would be pink
and their passengers would get
free merengue lessons in an open concept jail

Che Guevara t-shirts would be banned
and the number of Indian food restaurants
would be tripled, quadrupled outside Helsinki

I'd put a sexshop and a tattoo parlour in every small town
and the kids could only use the library on Sundays
I would, of course, have a few King B industries
on the side, with monopolies in fresh mushrooms and
roadside coffee shops named after millionaire NHLers

I would confiscate every video lottery terminal
and put them in a giant casino in Lapland
with all profits and associated jobs
going to the Saami who live there

All citizens would be required to pass level 12 English
and attend a series of improv comedy classes
in which no mention of Russia or the war could be made

Lastly, I would annex the land to Canada
as the eleventh province.


Saturday, August 12, 2006

Illustrating the Point

Someone has been kind enough to illustrate one of my earlier comments about this conflict between Lebanon and Israel being an unfair fight. I found the link over at Squiggle's blog.

Squiggle also has the latest quite by one of the world's great cruel minds: Condoleeza Rice, US Secretary of State, who said in one her infamous moments of lucid openness about her own twisted worldview:

"The (400) deaths in Lebanon are merely birth pangs of a new Middle East."

Condi Condi Condi, I hope none of my many friends who just had babies had to suffer pangs like that.


Friday, August 11, 2006

They Shall Never Stand Again

They Shall Never Stand Again
(dedicated to all the masters of war and the kids being blown to bits on both sides, for whatever it's worth)

They shall never stand again
In the alcoves
With the fairies

They shall never stand again
Faces red
Smiles merry

They shall never stand again
With their two sticks
Nailed together

They shall never stand again
Wooden swords
Foul weather

They shall never stand again
Face to face
Weapons drawn

They shall never stand again
Arms ajar
‘Let’s get it on!’

They shall never stand again
Against the dragons
In the old shed

They shall never stand again
Against the monsters
Under the bed

They shall never stand again
For the righteous
For the free

They shall never stand again
For the poor
For you and me

They shall never stand again
In the pathways
Between white houses

They shall never stand again
For the instincts
That arouse us

They shall never stand again
For innocence
For naiveté

They shall never stand again
For their rights
To sing and play

They shall never stand again
Against parental oppression

They shall never stand again
Bedtime is a weapon

They shall never stand again
Not the way
They once stood

They shall never stand again
Against the bad
For the good

They shall never stand again
In their mansions
Their compromise

They shall never stand again
To the top
They did rise

They shall never stand again
Stepped upon childhood

They shall never stand again
Said goodbye to wild woods


I Wish I Had Four Lives to Live

One in which to learn and know all I can about existence, answer the million questions of my burning curiosity.

One as a revolutionary, hell-bent on action to change this world, for better or worse, at least I could die knowing I tried.

One to ramble randomly, to wherever each day takes me, seeing all geography unfold slowly, making an unending path for me, filled with stories and people to share them, experiences for me to make into my own stories.

And one to work the land and sustain myself on my own sweat, to watch the stillness of the hills and the dynamic power of the waves, and discover one inch of infinite creation in the greatest detail possible.


Monday, August 07, 2006

RapCity in You

First we go here
then we go there
like pinball gymnastics
it's fantastic
though spasmic
what we after?
which chapter
we on now?
While you were out preaching
and converting the Christians
into multicultural politicians
busted out of their own baptisms
introducing them to their own isms
and throwing their intolerance
out into the catechism
While I was out shooting hat-tricks
going for the cycle
You were on your cycle
in the heart of your cycle
with a backache
bladder baked
makin' pancakes
I was writing policy
redesigning electoral tendencies
redefining democracy
blinded by transparency
that the officials couldn't see
while trying to stop me
in the tornado
NSA's quoting Plato
and Mao Tse Tsing
like singing
in the bath-tub
with an electric guitar and a fast-paced back-rub
with your cycle cycling in a cyclone
storms brewing for a shootout
like Capone
because we're stoned
and about to dethrone
the immovable object
of an unstoppable system
we're the current generation
and this is our time to shine
on home-made wine
as we whine
while we dine
the revolutionary dinner
in a coffee shop
grab a quick one to go
on our way to harvest crops
we take a brief pause
for posterity in our journals
next thing it's menopause
and we just made colonel
so much to be done
so little time to say it
life is long
if you know how to play it
if you avoid the cars
play your guitar
run fast and run far
stay true stay hard
make work for the retards
and avoid the word FUBAR
so here we are
driving in our car
me reading the new part
it's a start
of what I hope will play every VCR
You're listening now as each intersection
marks a different section
of the story I'm dissecting
the mind I'm inspecting
and the ending you weren't expecting
Then it's off to the land of Authority
trying to make a vision for the whole City
and You're back helping the Pope
to help himself
by learning to share the Church's help
What would Jesus do?
How about Rachel Carson?
Would Mohammad support our litany of larson?
burning bridges behind us now
I'm afraid of raisons and you're afraid of cows
but it's full throttle on the road ahead
and I can only hope I remembered my head.


Friday, August 04, 2006

Abu Moujahed

This week's special guest blogger is Abu Moujahed reporting from Beirut. Abu is a my friend's friend's friend's friend. The English is imperfect but it is far better than my Lebanese so it's the best we can do here. Having been sheltered by a linguistic media bubble of late I must admit that I have not been able to closely follow what is happening in Lebanon right now. No one seems to be talking much about it here. A Finnish national effort to raise money to support bombing victims has raised a whopping total of 200 euros. These words of Abu's made me angry, impotently so. What can I do about Israel's foreign pugilism? Fuck Israel. Long live the Jews but fuck Israel. There is no justification, no abstract rationalization, and no excuse for this steaming pile. Here is Abu's email:

Dear friends Again I have to thank all of you for your words and feeling with us in Lebanon by phones or Emails, more days of blood and destruction, more days of fright and pain.. more days of suffering. I am sorry for all those poor lebanese who lost everything, I am sorry for what has happen to Lebanon as a country out of what Israel war crime caused, I am sorry for the south Lebanon villages and cities, Iam sorry for the Southern Suburb of Beirut.. It's unbelievable....

I am saying sorry for Lebanon and not the Palestinian Camp. because really what is going on in Lebanon is reflecting a dicission was taken some where to destroy the country, to kill as much as they could...I don't know if you are seeing the TV news, or if the Tvs showing the reality of what is going on in Lebanon .. It's unbelievable. Buildings bacme complitly damaged on the ground, people just want to escap out side of Lebanon, or at least far from the bombing areas.. People are sleeping in the streets or parks, the lucky one who finde a place in a school or in a shelter under a building.. Children pictures shows how they were killed in a car small bus or runing in a street seeking the safty, escaping from the death without knowing that Isarel killing machine is waiting them everywhere they go... or children died under their demolish houses or lying wonded in hospitals crying out of pain... burneds of little buddies, you can read a great fear in the little angel faces. It's unbearable to see Israel as a dangerous beast threating and distroying the lives of people and their homes and properties while no body is trying to stop it. even the security counsil were coward to taake decission just to have sceise fire..

United States and Israel are stupid to think that in this way they make Hisbollah weak...They tried that with Hamas.. They oppose Hamas during the election in Palestine.. what the result was.. Hamas won double.. And now they are doing the same with Hibollah.. I have to say that Hizbollah is getting more respect and popular support, and it's getting bigger.. Because who is that stupid to trust or listen to those two awofl creation of USA and Israel.. It's shame on everybody who say that he is responsible or goveners or UN or what ever.. It's shame on all what call them selves humanitarian deffenders, or peace lovers... Some people like to use pholosphical way with discribing the war.. I never afraid of wars or blood, but it should be between fighters, between two forces.. It's now the war is lead by War criminals , it's not horonorable issue to kill people. young or old.. destroy roads, buildings, bridges, to cut the electricity or the water sources.. It's not bravenes to use all this forces against who doesn't have.. The camps didn't attacked yet,, but the smell of death, sound of rockets, war plaines and war ships are effecting the camps people and make them afraid the same.. They are afraid to be hit while their house like cartoon boxes,, so the are runing to the shelters out of the camps. Half of Shatila left..

Most of the Syrians and Lebaneses left to where they belong, and some Palestinian thought it might be safer if they go to North Camps, without knowing that no where is save. Israel is bombing everywhere.. 12 people have been killed today in a small bus, they were escaping from the death in the south to Beirut, but unfortunaletely they didn 't reach... All the embassies are worried how to transfare/ evacuate their sitizens from Lebanon.. The American, French, British, canadian, Austrians, Golf countries... It's good, but isn't better if these government make pressure on Israel to stop it's war and that will be a protection to everybody.. It's clear there is a plan for this war... I don't know how it will the end,, The decission is clear, destroy Lebanon's enfrustructure, road, electricity stations, bridges, everything... creat separation among tjhe Lebanese paople, and put the responsibilty on Hizbullah to make the resolution 1559 pass and make Lebanon out of the gravity of Syria or Iran, and frorget about the Palestinian cause...

Those new colonisation will never win.. Lebanon needs at least more than 20 years to recover from the result of this war,, at least needs years to rebuild what have been destroyed. But what they don't understand that everytime they think that they defeated a resistance, a new forces born more fondamintalist and stronger... in 1948 when the issence of the problem started in the region as Arab- Israeli war awhich still continuing.. In the sixtith new resistance born- PLO. in 1982 they forced PLO to leave Officially Beirut. But Hizbullah established, and later Hamas, and then the Intifada in Palestine.. It's easy for the strong one to decide hitting the weak one.. but it's craziness not to think the children of this weak will never accept the humiliation.. and they will think how to revange and take their right in the same way... I think lebanon is going to be destroyed, yes.. But the way to reply and defeating Israel became shorter..

I am not stratigic persone, but I am reading the experiances which we are going through. Now, the NGO's are thinking how to bring blankets, matrasses, food boxes etc.. Many association are busy with writting proposals to page the donors for financial support.. Some political organizations start distripute relief assitants.. This is desapointed way to deal with those victimes of Israel and United States crimes...

It's not enough at all... when all the donors come singing for us the song of the development, human right right, democracy, peace, and bring for us the music of Advocacy, loppying, network. which I translated right of; respect, dignity, just, equity, good and peaceful life, protection, safty, health, happiness. So we as local NGO's and International NGO's , organizations, donor associations, beside we should think how to help those war victimes we have to think how to loud our voices to move our socities and all the civil society forces to act and creat prussure on the governments to force Israel to stop it's aggrussion and death machine against the Palestinian and Lebanese people in Palestine and Lebanon.. the American has to stop their imperialism war against Iraqi people... I think those who start looking for donation sources should start with what they have to support the needed people, and not waiting till the donation support comes..

I am sure who took the dicission to destry Lebanon and West Bank and Gaza already took the dicission to make the people run behind the assistances and rationes. The plan is to destry the lives and stones, but also dignities and wills... The plan to increase the strongs strenth and the increase the weak weakness...

I am calling the students and social workers, the human rights activists, all those Peace groups inviroment diffenders, all those against the depression and aggression, and exploitation, against the killing and deprivation, to raise their voices by any way of expression as one or two or hundreds or thouthands,, but we should protect who didn't die yet. not only in Lebanon or Palestine, but everywhere.. We are not humanitarian by crying or paying sempathy, paging support for the poors.. We are represantative of the truth and rights and just...

Thanks to all the friends who siad that they are working on some protesting or writing or they express their anger about what is going in Palestine and Lebanon.. I know some friends want me to say more than that, while others does.t like this way of expression... sorry, my heart is bleading about what Iam seeing everyday here in Lebanon and Gaza.. The pain is great, so instead complaining on the unger let us firht together to stop the reason.. Stop the war and the war criminal intiators in Israel and United States....

Best wishes Abu Moujahed


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