Thursday, April 30, 2009


"The U.S. rail system, and I would be amazed if Europe's was any different, is wide open. There are tens of thousands of miles of unobserved track that could be taken out with nothing more than a crowbar." --hacker quoted by Derrick Jensen

"Not only is the electrical grid wide open but so is the natural gas supply line. Here's an example of just how easy it would be to safely take out a natural gas pipe. Buy a car battery, a piece of glass tubing, and some plastic gloves. First, pour the acid from the battery into a suitable container, then go to one of the millions of gas pipes or relay stations around the world, attach the tube to the pipe with tape molding putty or whatever, pour the acid into the tube, and then walk away and let the acid eat through the pipe. Your onsite time is maybe two minutes." --hacker quoted by Derrick Jensen

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Activists and Hackers

"Activists so often get burned out and frustrated because we're trying to achieve sustainability within a system that is inherently unsustainable." --Derrick Jensen

"I think that twelve hackers could take down the electrical grid of all of North America, a blackout lasting for months. That blackout itself would take out key components. Of course those in power would immediately start retooling, and because they have more resources than we do they'd eventually be able to come back online. We'd have to hit them again in the meantime." --Brian the Hacker, quoted by Jensen

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