Saturday, April 26, 2008

Bernard's Letter

Thursday, April 03, 2008


"In 1993, approximately 614,000 American children were physically abused, 300,000 were sexually abused, 532,000 were emotionally abused, 507,000 were physically neglected, and 585,000 were emotionally neglected. 565,000 of these children were killed or seriously injured. What is the relationship between these numbers and our culturally induced isolation from the natural world and each other, from the social embeddedness in which we evolved?” --Derrick Jensen

I'm hypnotized by the sunspots
flashing across the snow
it's a warning
this isn't a nature poem

I'm confused by the refuse
driving across the province
it's a murder
it isn't a straight line

I'm angered by the decisions
directed at black Nova Scotians
it's the corruption
this isn't a protest song

I'm overwhelmed by their power
dazzling smoke and mirrors
it's their warning
they aren't above circles

I'm humbled by the morning
marching down the highway
it's this community
that celebrates our survival

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