Monday, November 11, 2013

Concepcion's Song

I remember
that night like fire
His hands on my body divine

Like we were young
Tequila fueled
Rebel look all over his eyes

The kids asleep
Dreadful bliss
Gave me yet another child

Clinic seeking
No one could help
American money run dry

I cursed the Pope
Cursed my husband
Ronald Reagan no friend of mine

Now they’ve left me
to live on streets
Killing time before they die

I’m alone here
Useless and old
Nothing left but wasted time

They took our farm
Built a fact-tree
Building guns so my sons can die

What a fixed game
against the poor
Took their hate and made it divine

They build their walls
We throw our rocks
Their bullets fly back at our side

We make the news
It’s all violence
We are the ones who did the crime

Full of dynamite
All stuck inside
Ronald Reagan no friend of mine

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