Monday, October 25, 2004

As promised, I read the paper today, the Globe and Mail - check out Ralph Klein's election calling pose at

That's his election claw - don't fuck with this guy, especially if you're a nova scotia welfare bum.

My favourite story of today was the one about BC joining Malta as a jurisdiction using an electoral system called Single Transferable Vote - a form of popular representation. The Globe does such a fantastic job explaining this system, saying "A complicated formula would then be used to determine" Oh! A complicated formula - just like how they break ties in the Olympics.

Anyway, it's about time one Canadian province moved into the 20th century of electoral systems. Maybe, just maybe, someday we'll have a woman as Prime Minister. I mean, one who doesn't make fun of facial deformities and French accents (at least not in public).

Till Next Time,

The Bopper


Sunday, October 24, 2004

Nine Haikus for Steve Shaw (Steve's Song)

Playing guitar hard, Maternal songs bring me tears, his voice is strong soft
Transportation songs, deep lined face shifts far away, speaking in song now
Silent holy night, every Christmas the same, tradition in song
Lincoln Duncan song, left his Maritime home sad, things got worse from there
All he ever had, ripped from him at other's whims, beyond his control
Goodbye goodbye Love, daughter son dog and Mother, all taken away
Sad songs the result, of tragic society, and personal truth
A reclaiming vow, "Someday I'll get it all back, Life is pretty good"
Happy endings true, Beatiful is always there, Peace will always come


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