Thursday, August 26, 2010

Amanda Mongeon Reads from Drive-by Saviours

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Special thanks to David at Middle Ditch for telling me how to embed an audio file.
Love the use of irony throughout the piece. And hearing it read aloud by a human voice really drives it home (Amanda does a very good job of it, as well). I rarely listen to audio books but I think I would rather enjoy some of my favorite literature in this format.

Again, congratulations on your publication.
The delivery here is excellent.

Talk about elocution. Amanda does indeed do a wonderful job. I'd say she even enhances the material.
Eric: I've only listened to one audio book and it was bad - not the reading but the book itself. But having published a couple short stories in audio now, and having attempted reading my own work aloud, I've come to appreciate the fine art of the audio story.

Ivan: Yeah, she did great, and is totally untrained in acting as far as I know. She's a very good musician though, so maybe it's all in the ear.
Wow ---I really enjoyed Amanda's reading---completely agree with eric1313 about that --and perhaps some day trying to audio book format--
I enjoyed the other comments too-- my "paycheck" -LOL- comes in around Sept third and will order your book then--can't wait to read it!!
all the best in the world to you and your family!!
Thanks Devin. I really appreciate your support.
truly enjoyed listening to an excerpt of your story being read by amanda.
i kept wanting to do something for the geneticist too!
oh, you all stay safe from earl!
Thanks Foam. Yep, we're fine, Earl was a light-weight by the time he hit here. But he did manage to knock out our power for 30 hours or so.
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