Friday, July 30, 2010

Drive-by Saviours Trailer

Hi folks, here's a trailer I made for my novel with some help from my brother:

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I like it, Benji. You might consider gibing the frames with the most text a little more display time.
Thanks Tom, yeah I struggled with that choice - some said it was too long, some said too short, I went with what I hoped was a happy medium.
Hi Benji!!
I enjoyed this- You had mentioned traveling to the Ural Mtn area in another comment - have you also been to Indonesia? aside from a great mystery - there is nothing I like better than seeing new places- can't wait to read the book!!
all the best to you my friend!!
this is great! i'd love to see more photos of your travels.
The trailer looks good, and the music is dead on. My compliments to your brother.
Devin: I lived there for a while - did my grad school research there, in Makassar. It was one of my best travel experiences.

Foam: lots of those archived over at the suokojamin blog.

X: Thanks. He's very talented and composed both musical pieces.
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