Friday, June 25, 2010

Drive-by Saviours

I've been quite busy with the novel lately (it's coming out in September), first doing final edits then thinking marketing. To that effect, I've created a myspace page and put up a clip of me reading from the novel there, as well as some fusion-y music my brother created for a trailer we're working on. Click my face below to listen to those:I've also created a website for the book. Below is what the cover will look like. Click on that for the website (not a lot of content there yet but stay tuned for some video I'm working on regarding the book):

The publisher, Roseway (an imprint of Fernwood), also has a website for the book. Click the Fernwood logo to see that site. You can read a longer excerpt there:

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Benji, your book looks most interesting. I trust it will reflect what a lot of progressives feel after many years of beating ourselves up fighting injustice.

I've been reading you long enough to know that quality is a foregone conclusion.
Thanks TomCat, them's kindly words.
wow!! .. looks very interesting! i'm impressed.

ps: i see that your home is owned by your cats too.
so is mine ..
Foam: their interest rates are a lot better than the bank's.
I agree completely with TomCat's comment Benji!! I will listen.
BTW=you are cute-damn!!
can't wait to order the book
as always- best regards to you and your family!!
Womdeful Bemji! I saved the Fernwood publishing site to my faves -will you let me know when it is ready to be ordered? Your wife has a wonderful reading voice-best regards as always!!
Wow!! Well done you! Look up MD on Myspace. And, to echo Devin, you are damn cute!!
Nice cover, I can't say about the book, since I have not read it :)

Benji, I wrote a post about Ivan's Fire in Bradford. Please pay a visit, and read .
Video sounds like a great idea. Those things have a habit of generating mega-hits on the web.
Thanks for the support and kind words folks. The cuteness is a trick of the camera, though.

Mona, I'll def pop by.
The website looks great. I've read enough excerpts of your work to give the book two thumbs up, sight unseen.
Thanks Tom ;-) Hopefully it lives up to the hype.
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And here itis! the opus, the first of many. So glad to hear about success for you as well. Your voice will be heard and with it the voices that you care to make heard.
Many thanks, Eric, my friend.
I like that cover.

So far I'm getting no joy with my book. I think Jesus will breakdance on the moon before I pick up an agent.

But I persist.

I've started writing a novel, anyway.
Toast: Have you tried going direct to small presses? Have you tried North American publishers? I think it's harder to get a damn agent than it is to get a small publisher. I think some of the Canadian small presses would appreciate the Englishmen confused in our strange land thing - plus the dry British humour. If you want I can send you my list.
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