Thursday, April 30, 2009


"The U.S. rail system, and I would be amazed if Europe's was any different, is wide open. There are tens of thousands of miles of unobserved track that could be taken out with nothing more than a crowbar." --hacker quoted by Derrick Jensen

"Not only is the electrical grid wide open but so is the natural gas supply line. Here's an example of just how easy it would be to safely take out a natural gas pipe. Buy a car battery, a piece of glass tubing, and some plastic gloves. First, pour the acid from the battery into a suitable container, then go to one of the millions of gas pipes or relay stations around the world, attach the tube to the pipe with tape molding putty or whatever, pour the acid into the tube, and then walk away and let the acid eat through the pipe. Your onsite time is maybe two minutes." --hacker quoted by Derrick Jensen

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Fantastic benji!! I am enjoying this new series greatly. The writing in this post seemed effortless and the dialogue about which is "the sport" so reminded me of my younger days in public school-never athletic myself-I knew that the "jocks" considered soccer a -well I will put it this way-a rather effeminate sport-and football the "real man" sport-since I even sucked at archery (where the phys ed teachers let the nerdy -unphysically talented types like me have some relief from constant teasing) I never put my two cents in on the debate. Love the writing!
The Derrick Jensen information you have been putting up reminds me always of why I have so doubted our governments version of September 11-it would be very easy at least from what I am reading on many web-sites since 2004 to take down the entire infrastructure of the US-attacking things like computer servers, power stations and other largely unguarded and easy to target crucial areas of energy production and information technology. I know these thoughts will be ridiculed-but I really think that a supposed terrorist organization that also supposedly hates the United States to the core of its being would have found other ways to attack us-ways that are perhaps not so spectacular -but in the end much more costly, chaos producing and deadly to the US and its allies. Some thoughts about the "Gladio" operations came to mind. This as you might know is where West European governments where blaming terrorism on left-wing terrorists -when really all the time the state spy agencies were working hand in glove with right wing fascist organizations to perform the attacks. Italy in the 1980s comes to mind-but certainly not the only nation affected. I apologize for this overly wordy comment-one in which I am sure I will be thought of as a "conspiracy nut" but some. The main reason for the comment was just to say how much I enjoy your writing-all the best to you!! one ever had to stick up for George Harrison eh?
Thanks Devin, glad you're enjoying it. I haven't really got into all that 9/11 conspiracy stuff, not because I think it's wrong but because in the end it seems irrelevant to me who did the deed. With that admission, it does seem hard to believe that even the Bush admin would do it, but maybe if I read the right things I'd be convinced. But even if they did, what they've done to Iraq and Afghanistan and the rest of the world is even worse. I already know the Bushies are terrorists so this would just be another crime on a long list. And as to who did the deed, terrorist A or terrorist B, who cares? I'm more interested in how we can get out of this mess, and a big part of me thinks it means turning our backs on all those megalomaniacal psychopaths and doing our own thing without them. But, let's just say I find Derrick Jensens insinuations interesting to say the least.

TWM: Naw, those kids are probably too young for George. Personally I never realized what a genius he was until I was in my 20s. And then he died.
I like this story benji... reminds me of a brawl I was in when I was 9 or 10... probable for something even more benign...

I wonder to at the depiction of the sacrificial lamb, and how that's really just a matter of convenience at that moment... thought this seems to be a story about kids it's more like the adult world... almost a bit scary... but maybe not 1984... more lord of the flies...

bye for now...
Well, radicals are blowing up gas lines in British Columbia.
And the playground scene, yes.
Though, oddly I was sometimes beat up by the foreign kids for being Canadian. Crow Jim!
And all the recently-arrived Brit kids came to me for protection from being called Limey and Chirper.
Ah Hamilton open air boxing ring during recess. Mostly aggressive Siciiian kids.
Home of the Whopper. "Cake eater!"...But I was Ukrainian.
... cuff to side of the head.
Builds character, I guess.
ivan and jon: like adults, kids seem to be pretty ingenious at finding new ways to decide who's in and who's out. lord of the flies was a very good depiction of that phenomenon.
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