Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Activists and Hackers

"Activists so often get burned out and frustrated because we're trying to achieve sustainability within a system that is inherently unsustainable." --Derrick Jensen

"I think that twelve hackers could take down the electrical grid of all of North America, a blackout lasting for months. That blackout itself would take out key components. Of course those in power would immediately start retooling, and because they have more resources than we do they'd eventually be able to come back online. We'd have to hit them again in the meantime." --Brian the Hacker, quoted by Jensen

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I always enjoy your articles/posts so much-the quotes at the top usually remind me of something I have read before and obviously I love your writing style-thanks as always for sharing your creativity!!
Waiting on part two...although I thoroughly enjoyed part one...
Ya know something? I was that kid.

Story has to be good if the reader can identify.
Devin: my pleasure, it's good to put something new up and see how people react.

TWM: alright then, I'll put it up soon.

Ivan: the precocious skinny new kid? me too, several times.
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I think the problem is that everyone wishes they were Lennon. But as life sets in, they discover they're McCartney.

That new kid is quite the character.
X: that, my friend, is my new philosophy of life. i wonder what mark david chapman would say about that?
Enjoyable. I have known kids like that and have argued with them and became best friends. Keep 'm coming Ben.
some of the best friendships are born in conflict.
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