Friday, August 11, 2006

I Wish I Had Four Lives to Live

One in which to learn and know all I can about existence, answer the million questions of my burning curiosity.

One as a revolutionary, hell-bent on action to change this world, for better or worse, at least I could die knowing I tried.

One to ramble randomly, to wherever each day takes me, seeing all geography unfold slowly, making an unending path for me, filled with stories and people to share them, experiences for me to make into my own stories.

And one to work the land and sustain myself on my own sweat, to watch the stillness of the hills and the dynamic power of the waves, and discover one inch of infinite creation in the greatest detail possible.


Ho Ho!

I liked this!

One life just isn't quite enough.

Let us pray for reincarnation, and rememberence of it!
ahh, the cyclical burden. perhaps i have already done all these things and don't remember it.
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