Wednesday, November 02, 2011


Clear the floor.
Play the song.
Too hip for then
now too far.
Attack every angle,
your last kill.

Don’t mind the lens.
Just give me
one last shot of you
dancing before you die.

You ahead,
giant feet flying
farther away,
quickened by the thrill of
anticipated horizons.

Still you move,
still you whoop,
just out of range.

Make room,
shove close.
A duty and joy.
Zoom in:
one last shot of you
dancing before you die.

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Makes me think of Oscar Brown Jr, writer of that amazing song, "Rags and old Iron". There is a video of him dancing to that song. I have followed the late Oscar Brown's life, from triumph to tragedy. It spooked me out when I saw the video of his life.
Thanks Ivan, I hadn't heard of Oscar Brown Jr. What a haunting and gorgeous song. Haven't found the vid of him dancing to it yet. Anyway, cool thing to be reminded of by my poem.
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