Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Contents May Vary

In the future
they had an ad
for 23 scoops of raisins
in a package of K-log Raisin B.

When I bit into it
I said:
"No friggin way;
this tastes exactly like
two scoops from the past."

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In the future
I shaved
With 29 blades

I felt my face
The same face
I shaved
With 24 blades

you know my intention was to have a postscript on this saying something like "please comment with your own short verse starting 'in the future'"...but you caught the meme with no instruction, because you are a friggin genius.

Pls peeps, bring me more of this.
Not as quick as sir Toast, but here it goes...

In the future
my past caught
up to garbage day
a day late;
after independence day

the explosions from
the night before
ring false as the
whiskey dry heaves
tear my nation apart
yesterday and beyond

you'll see it
if you look closely at
tomorrow's headlines
and footnotes
and garbage

love it, Eric!
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