Monday, November 29, 2010

Anger part 2

But the whole world’s a heartache and most people seem to have smiles chiseled into their faces, so none of that, nor all those UN statistics or crime-page newspapers explain my anger, do they?

It just feels good to let it out sometimes, and when I was little I guess it got me what I wanted. It was easier to give the kid a treat than hear her scream. Mother couldn't stand to see me suffer even a little bit. She still can't, and that’s why she won't visit. She sends me letters that read like Jehovah's Witness pamphlets. The word 'Jesus' appears so frequently I started counting. Her last letter, a four-pager, had 46 'Jesus'es, and 16 'pray's.

And I try. I’m not just humouring her either. I remember how she was before Jesus. She cried all the time. Never in front of people. She'd excuse herself from the dinner table and go to the bathroom and let rip these heaving, gutteral sobs in stucatto bursts. It sounded kind of like Eddie Murphy's laugh.

Father completely ignored it. He'd cut into his steak or pork or whatever and pop a little piece into his mouth and chew like his teeth were on fire. He probably counted his chews - 50 or a hundred times or whatever. He'd swallow with an exaggerated gulp and yell, "Honey! This is delicious. Truly extraordinary!"

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Aren't families beautiful?

Makes me think of someone in my own family when I was a kid. Not only sobbing, but violent.

Would lead me later to study old, dead Arthur Schopenhauer and the horros of womankind. Mankind?
Love this.
Root sources of anger are the hardest to dig up. Truffle pigs may help but I doubt it.
Ivan: the horror, the horror.

Toast: sweet.

TWM: truffle pigs might not find the root, but they sure do make me laugh for some reason, which alleviates some of my own anger. truffle pigs.
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