Monday, January 18, 2010

Nova Scotian wisdom

"Bhutan's sacramental attitude towards the natural world - that the world is literally alive and sentient - is the normal human view. It's shared by my Celtic ancestors, by virtually all ancient civilizations, by aboriginal peoples worldwide." -Silver Donald Cameron


I would only change the word world to that of is alive as alive as any life form upon it.
This is very good.
Remindes me of Stanislaw Lem's musings and work (Solaris?)

Is Silver Dosnald Cameron still alive? I liked his writing. Very much. We used to handle some of it at the Canadian Magazine in about l970
TWM: exactly.

Ivan: Alive and well, still writing great stuff, and I've been doing some work for him. We see eye-to-eye on a lot things. He has a website you can google.

He is a wonderful writer, and wise.

I was a staffer on the Star Weekly when we'd receive his wonderful writeups.
oops, mavenmiia was actually me that time. didn't realize my wife was logged in already.
Wow. It must have been awesome to work with Silver Dollard Cameron.

Sort of like teaming up with god.
Ivan: Didn't realize you were that big a fan. Yeah, he's been great to work with - he's of the old school, very thorough and a great storyteller, and a gentleman.
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