Sunday, October 04, 2009


God kneels outside the iron bars of my cage,
seeking hope in humanity's extinction or survival.
Having long pondered, He's got an action itch.
"Sit still. Hear," I command my captive Master.

"The unquenchable why of this living is mistaken;
this lethargy seared over agonized boredom.
We miss our eons lost family. Never wondered
who we were; we were part of the family.

"The land was nutritious candy,
not this tasteless mystery meat.
What makes you not an animal, O Lord?
What makes you not wild and dangerous?"

He rises Formidable with eyefuls of disdain,
says nothing. His eternal meditations
left Him traceless political love affairs
and no map home.

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"...His eternal meditations left Him traceless political love affairs and no map home." Love it Benji-thanks so much for posting the wonderful prose and quotes that you do! I hope you and your family have had a beautiful weekend-all the best!!
Very good poem/text, I liked the mix, it is opposite because you have modern things you talk about and you have an ancient way of saying those, interesting message ends up forming with that.

It could be soon enough,
too soon maybe,
ere we see that look
long in coming.
Excellent as usual, Benji. And it's so great to see you are still alive. ;-)
And the songs still weigh thick on the air, the music of a writen language artfully crafted with care and wisdom (one hopes!).

Long time no see! Yes, my bad indeed.

Love the voice. You evoke the tone of a Holyman rather well.
Very strong. And wholeheartedly agree with the walking man
I guess God must have had his mind on other things when he left his cage to come to yours.
The truth is more often than not couched in humour.

Pilgrim climbs the mountain searching out the Guru.
He is climbing with a burning question for the guru.
He finally reaches the graybeard in his cave, the burning question still on the climber's lips.
"Yes, my son. What is your question?"

", how long can you go without masturbating?"

I think you are approaching nihilism here Benji. And perhaps the
the Erich Fromm idea that God should be put inside your own head.
Some believe this. Butin my own auguring, I think he remains outside my immediate box.
A smart non-believer said to me, rather tartly, "He moves in mysterious ways. The Bastard."
And so he does. And you can't put Him into your own cage.
Thanks Devin, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

MS: I hadn't really intended that juxtaposition, but I'm glad you found it interesting. I suppose it came from things I've been reading lately.

TWM: it's been a long time coming but I know a change is a gonna come.

TC: same to you.
Eric: Great to see you back here. Hope all is well with you and to read more of your verse soon.

MD: Thank you.

Toast: so it would appear. He is perhaps a little Absent Minded.

Ivan: no, not nihilistic. Life is full of purpose. It is not life that is meaningless to me, but this particular way of living we have misnamed civilization. Big difference.

If I am to believe God is responsible for this, He must be either evil or incompetent. It is that version of God, who has manifested our destiny, who I reject here, from my cage. Note that He is outside of it, pondering. I am but a part of His collection.

But really, that isn't the God I believe in. It is the God our culture worships.
Being in charge of all creation must be hard. Lots to remember. Loads of appointments.
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