Saturday, August 01, 2009

television eyes

"You might see things better on television, but you'll never know if you were alive or dead while you watched."--Barbara Kingsolver


Yep. I guess old Play Dough's Myth of the Cave. First lessson on my Politics 101.
Even zombies are purported to have some kind of life.
Ivan: and now such a tool of the brave new world.

TWM: gives a whole new meaning to the word undead.
I think you are zombie, neither death nor alive.But an emotionless one
Wow another fastastic Kingsolver quote-it really is amazing when you think of the complete "zombie" nation TV has brought upon us. "Reality" shows that have nothing to do with reality are popular and some of the other shows on offer are so absurd that I don't see how people can get so wound up in them. Wasn't there someone who said TV would have more adverse affects on mankind than the nuclear bomb? I am not positive on that one and don't know how I would go about looking it up. I always enjoyed -prob misspelling name here -Baudrillard's thoughts on the First Gulf War -"hyperreality" I think he called it-thanks again for all of the great quotes-will look up Baudrillard -my memory isn't what it used to be:)best to you and yours as always!!
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