Thursday, August 06, 2009


"How could it be...that Mali was producing more than 60 tonnes of gold a year (and more cotton than any other country in sub-Sahara Africa) and still be coming out at the bottom of the United Nations' HUman Development Index, usually ranking among the five least developed countries on earth?

"And how could it be that Nigeria, Angola, Cameroon, Gabon and the Republic of Congo (capital Brazzaville) and more recently Mauritania, and Equatorial Guinea could be such important oil producers and still suffer such crushing monetary poverty and dismal statistics on access to basic education and health care, life expectancy and other key indicators on human development?"

--Joan Baxter


Ain't no mystery. Them in power have sold their souls to masters that do not live among the people supplying the labor to produce that wealth. It is the same the world over.
More or less -I agree with the walking man's comment. This is one of the most heartbreaking topics that can be talked about. BTW-always enjoy the Baxter quotes. I do not know what percentage of these problems lie with the multinationals, the IMF, and corrupt local leaders. But I think what it boils down to is that leaders and people in powerful nations like the US don't give a fuck as long as so and so leaders are towing the party line. I always wanted to puke when Clinton-much less Bush (compassionate conservatism my ass!) talked about social inequity in the USA and other nations-knowing that they could care less and were just doing what their paymasters told them to do. If there is any truth to the idea of karma-a lot of people have a lot of paying up to do in times to come! This very topic is one of the reasons I struggle so much with faith of any kind. Best to you and yours as always benji and I hope you have a great weekend!
Jon Stewart on Comedy Central wonders why the CIA takes a stable country and then brings it down to nothing.
Hasn't been the same since they cruelly flogged Patrice Lamumba for days in public, humiliated him -- and then hanged him in a parked airplane hired by the agency.
How safe does the world feel with this kind of exportation of "democracy"? Freeedom loving. Yeah.
TWM: yep, guess that's the short story. In this case those masters live half a world away and brag about their charity work in Africa.

Devin: praying for john lennon's instant karma.

Ivan: couldn't have said it any better.
as here so it is there.

power to the people is all i can say- for the people always have and always will outnumber the slavemasters. that being said, such a controlled economic set-up is horrifying and beyond comprehension.
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