Wednesday, August 05, 2009

cheap calories

"We all subsidize the cheap calories with our tax dollars, the strategists make fortunes, and the overwight consumers get blamed for the violation. The perfect crime." --Barbara Kingsolver


Sadly is like that and we are in great part to blame for that
Gotta agree with Mariana on this one-i know until recently (last year when I lost weight like crazy) I think food was an extra comfort zone in my life-thanks as always for posting all of these great quotes and best to you and your family!!
Some excellent quotes here.
We will just re-define what obese is then we'll all be healthy again.
MS: Welcome! Indeed, it is a sad-sack situation.

Devin: It's kind of marketed that way, no?

Monique: Thanks for reading them.

TWM: kind of the PC approach.
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