Thursday, May 07, 2009

Neo-Colonial Aid

"When colonialists came ashore, they didn't say, 'We're here to steal your land and take your resources and employ your people to clean our toilets and guard our big houses.' They said, 'We're here to help you.' And then thety went and took their land and resources and hired their people to clean their toilets. And now there come the aid workers, who move into the big colonial houses and ride in high cars above the squalor, all the while insisting they've come to help." --Michael Maren

"Most of the countries in Africa had indigenous methods for dealing with food shortages. Somalia in particular had a well-established system for dealing with regular cycles of drought and famine. Farmers in the river valleys built secure underground vaults where grain was stored during the fat years. When drought threatened the nomads, animals that might die anyway were exchanged for grains. Though nomads showed very little respect for farmers, they were aware that their lives might one day depend on these sedentary clans. They were therefore generous with the bounty of their herds when times were good. The result was a mutual insurance system and a truce of necessity across the land." --Michael Maren

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As per usual I love those quotes. They are so true. University is supposed to teach us how to think??? I don't think so.

That poor guy reminds me of myself in my youthful days.
MD: absolutely it is supposed to. or was when i was there. our profs told us that again and again.
Intriguing and surprisingly mature.
As always Benji I really enjoyed this-can't wait to read more-the first two paragraphs really hit home with me as it describes my life at a certain age to a "T" -I guess MD had the same experience -although for me it would be the high school years and not college years unfortunately-it seems like the writing I like the best is the stuff I can always relate to at a certain level-how selfish is that?? but I suppose it is true for other people also -all the best to you and thanks for your hard work-I loved "Gulls" from the other day also!!
Just enough there to make me want the fore story. It's tight and easily identified with among them of a certain mind during a generation of various abandonment's.
Ivan: I thought I was too old to be precocious, but I appreciate the kind words.

Devin: Very precocious of you to have come to that place in high school. In some ways I'm still trying to get there.

TWM: Still working on this one, hopefully I'll spend some serious time on it next week.
Haha Benji as usual I effed up what I was trying to say-I meant to say the "fearing disapproval more than pain or death" was me and not that I was courageous-in fact I was self conscious to the point of absurdity-I cared a bundle what folks thought of me back then (still do depending on the person) so I shoulda said that what Gerry is saying in relating his story is so true and it brought back all those self conscious memories-some people on both the net and meatspace life have commended me on my emotional courage or things like that-I do not think I deserve the accolades at all-I am really one of those people who have so little left to lose (although what i do have is precious to me) that it gives me kind of a false courage in things I point out-I have also been out of the 'social game' so long that I have lost some of my fears that way also-but with my stuff I still seem to be saying-"Here beat me up-I know you are not gonna like it so have at it!" sorry for being so wordy as always-just thought I should clarify comment-very much looking forward to next part-hope you have a wonderful weekend!!
Interesting. The ill effects of the "I'll save you" mentality is something often overlooked in many historical discussions, and is in fact repeated unquestioned.
i think western civilization meddles cause we are self-righteous in our abilities to do it better ..
when in reality is it really better?
Devin: thanks for clarifying.

X: pretty much the theme of my novel, Drive-by Saviours.

Foam: in reality, I'd have to say no.

All: been very busy of late with projects and parenthood, so forgive my absence. It may go on for a while yet, but I do hope to put some new content up and make the rounds at some point. just not quite yet.
It is more important to be Chris than Benji at the moment.
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