Monday, December 29, 2008

Ukrainian Christmas in October

Hi folks, The Coast published a short edited excerpt from my novel for its annual Christmas holiday fiction issue. Click the picture to the left to read it.

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So uhhhh Chris...Now that you have put Christmas reality into print, lets have another belt my friend, wade through the detritus of another Christmas past and consider the burning question; is twelve days really enough?

Did baby Benji have a good time of colored paper and winking lights? Is he sleeping through the holiday yet? Just sleeping through the night might be the best present for you and the wife this year.

Is there plans to publish this award winner?
Commercialism even pervades the Ukrainian Christmas, eh?

I was a bit puzzled about why Ukrainians would revere Putin though.

Though I liked the portrait of Johnny Orange.

Happy New Year, anyway!
TWM: still working on the publishing front. little man is sleeping better, but not quite through the night. i think he found the holidays a bit overwhelming - being passed hand to hand and all. but he'll enjoy all that attention later.

Crushed: In this case, Ukrainian-Torontonian. Putin is the zion of capitalism, the anti-soviet. he is revered (and hated) in many ex-soviet territories. That picture is, I think, Putin. It was done by an artist at The Coast. I really like it.

This is a real feat...the story and getting it published!

I am hugely impressed. I had no idea you could write like that, from other examples.

Ya never know.
fun story to read!
and really .. doesn't christmas start in october anyway?
i also like that pysanky egg ...
a woman of ukrainian descent taught me how to do those years ago ..
i made several ..
Ivan: maybe chaulk that up to the difference between draft 1 and draft 40.

Foam: the Coast is tapped into some serious artistic talent. I always enjoy what they come up with.
really? thats awesome, congrats Benji!

I say, it really was a Merry Christmas ;)
CD: thanks, it was a good holidays for sure and 09 is so far so good.
Congrats on another award. Speaking of which, when will we be able to buy a (hard) copy of Drive By Saviours?
XD: um, well, uhhh...just got my latest rejection. all along the lines of 'wow, this is really frickin great, you got serious talent, g, but fiction is not hot, and i don't see this getting the stephen king numbers i would need to make it viable.' so it goes.

lookit, if i don't find a publisher by year's end, i'm starting my own publishing company and publishing it myself in 2010. so this time next year you'll be able to buy a copy, one way or another.
That link sent me a' goose chasin'
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