Monday, August 25, 2008

Humungo News!

An exciting development for me: I won the H.R. (Bill) Percy Novel Prize for my novel (Living in the Dirt/Drive-by Saviours) in the Atlantic Writing Competition!

This is hopefully a big step toward finding a publisher.

Check out for details.

I will receive my prize and give a reading at a Gala Celebration of Writers and Writing next month.

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Sometimes it gets darkest before the quantum leap, doesn't it.

Congratulations. This is an honour you'll not soon forget.
congratulations! .. that's wonderful.. :)
oh that's me .. foam.. in case you didn't know..
That is such good news. All the solitary hard work leads to this which is just the best result AND you get to read some of your novel to an eager and appreciative audience. Very well done indeed.
WOW!!!!! Congratulations! That's great news!

Well done you!
Just trying to get around to everyone who has left me such kindness and I pop in on this wonderful news...WOW! Very good and congratulations Benji!
Ivan: that might be true, though this year has been a steady progression of good things (knock wood) so hopefully I won't black out before getting published. Regardless, thanks for the congrats and you're right that I'll not soon forget it.

Foam: I recognize your anonymous dots anywhere ;-) Thanks for the congrats.

Thanks Kissa: Solitary is right, and thank bloggers for making it a little less so. What great supporters.

MD: Thank you kindly. It's been a happy week.

TWM: thank you , Sir. I hope you're recovering well and getting some peaceful moments before the big jolt!
Your star is well and truly on the ascent. I wish I was there to see your reading.

The most gargantuan propogations to you, sir.
OMG! Congrats Benji! That is awesome news!

You should record it, put it on YouTube and post it.

Toast: wish you could be here too, would be great to hear all your impressions of the past months 'live'.

Thanks CD! I'm still a-tingle, despite sleep deprivation of late (unrelated).

Crushed: hmm, not a bad idear - maybe I could skip the youtube and put it right on the blog though.
Congratulations. Well done. So what's next? Disneyworld?

I'd love to see your writing career take off. I could point to one of your books at Barnes and Nobles, and tell strangers, "You see this guy? I never met him. But I know him. Buy his book."
Aaah,,,what a feeling that must be!
A well deserved,much awaited,,,treasured time.
Congrats many times over!
XD: next is more editing.

Wilson: thanks very much, it's quite exciting, but now i'm realizing there's much more to be done before it's where i want it to be.
Fantastic news!! Congratulations!
Wow! Congratulatios. That is great news!
THanks PP and Jo! I had a pleasant surprise this long weekend - found I had made the newspaper for this achievement. They just took the info right from the press release so I had no idea they were doing a little blurb on it. Fun.
Go on! We want details.. whats the status. Getting all giddy on your behalf :D
well then!!! you've come a long way since we've spoken! I am so glad for you Benji! :)

That's awesome! Congrats!
CD: um, well, gala is coming up, i'm deep into editing. I'm hoping to charm the dollars out of some publisher at the gala. Some big names (In Canada anyway) have won this prize. I just can't wait to finish this latest edit. I'm hoping the next step after that is a publisher.

Yas: what's up?! long time no see. thanks so much. good to see you here again. sounds like Toast had a good visit with you, southern hospitality and all that.

NS: thanks so much.

All: sorry haven't been blogging much of late, i'm in really deep to writing and other work of late, and of course gearing up for fatherhood - and when that happens who knows if this blog will survive? i may become the next andy kaufman. hopefully i'll be able to at least keep some ties to this outlet. regardless, i hope to visit you all in the coming week.
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