Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Down to 3

Down to three potential titles for my novel. Please tell me your personal favourite:

Living in the Dirt
Child of Earth
Drive-by Saviours


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"Living in the Dirt"

Most of them where good, but I think this one has a nice ring to it and catches the readers curiosity.. well mine anyway. Good luck!
I guess I'm kinda partial to Drive-by-Saviours
Child of earth
Oh my gosh I looked at the six titles and would definitely pick out Burning Boats.
just got some verbal and email feedback:

add 1 more vote for living in the dirt, 1 for burning boats, and 1 for drive-by saviours.

Drive-by Saviors...definitely a title.

Thanks TWM, my wife still agrees, which brings that one into the lead.
eek. Stop coming up with good titles, Benji!

I still like Living in The Dirt (I'm stubborn) and Drive-by Saviours.
"Drive-by Jesus" might work.
PP: um, ok, i'll give you two votes. but only you.

Ivan: really nice ring, but not quite right. Drive-by Allah would make more sense given the context of the story.
Drive-By Saviours

I feel it has a slightly more subtle quality than the other two.
I see you totally ignored my idea... :(

How about "Drive-by Saviour's Child of earth living in the dirt"?
I'm going to vote one for Living in the dirt, as will Patch
Ant: subtle eh? as long it sucks em in.

Toast: did patch really say that? seems to contradict his previous vote if I recall. ok then, 2 for dirt.

HOD: not so much ignored as eliminated ;-) it had some support but not quite enough, and the story goes too far beyond fishing so it just didn't do it for me. sorry. this new suggestion of your is interesting, but i think people would end up using the acronym, DBSCOELITD, or Dibs-Co-Limited, which reminds me too much of that song about dancing on the ruins of multinational corporations. I believe it's called Dancing on the Ruins of Multinational Corporations. But, good try. If it's any compense, please be aware that I've been trying to come up with a good title for 5 years now.
Living In The Dirt

PS Glad to have found you again!
Drive-by Saviours

The most unique of the three titles in my opinion.

Okay... how about...


It's simple and kinda says it all. Plus, no acronyms! :P
lynn: so glad you found me again.

TWM: still the frontrunner, that one, but barely.

HOD: isn't that a perfume brand? i like it though.
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