Thursday, October 18, 2007

Come See Me Read From My Novel

Hi folks,

I'll be reading from the novel I've been working on at this years Canzine Festival, this Saturday (Oct 20) at 3:30 pm, in St. David's Church Hall on Brunswick St (adjacent to the library, across the road from Steve O' Reno's), in Halifax. If you can make it out I'd much appreciate the cheering section. For more info about canzine see

Hope to see you there.



I imagine your subway novel would sound very good read out loud.

Did you dictate part of this novel?...Just wondering.

Ivan: no dictation. in fact, due to my penchant for long and winding sentences I sometimes find it hard to read aloud. But I hope you're right, and that it will sound very good that way on Saturday. If Rushdie can do it with a fatwah on his head...
I would love to go there.

Heck. Is there work in Hali?

There's none here. Michigan cast the dice betting it's pet industry would be under it's 'thumb' forever.

Crapped out, baby!

Bumi has worse problems than I, but things are no rose petal strewn bed down here in the 'land of the free'.

Maybe hearing his plight out loud would be therapeutic.

I can't make it i'm afraid.

I'll be there in spirit though.
Eric: there's plenty of call centre work, and some stuff in the social services. engineers seem to be doing well. and our dollar is now worth more than yours.

Toast: thanks my friend, spiritual presence is also appreciated.
Hope the book reading goes well. I may remember to cast a thought your way tomorrow while listening to one of your fellow nova scotians singing live in concert, Bruce Guthro vocalist with my favourite band here in the UK.I won't promise but as I can't get there well this is as good as it gets.
thanks Kissa, hopefully bruce will be your prompt.
I think that's awesome! I'm a bit far away, so how did it go?
How did it go, Benji?
Yeah. How did it go?

Are you absent because you have been whisked away on a publicity tour?
Hope it went well on Sat..
Hi folks,

Thanks so much for your interest and for caring. It was a bizarre weekend for me, on the whole. It was the 10 year anniversary of my undergrad graduation from business school. So I spent half the weekend hanging with bankers who marvelled that I was "the only one doing any good for the world" [their words, not mine] and the other half at canzine with punks rebels and tattooed kids selling the independently made wares, including zines, records, books, graphic novels, videos and clothing. I bought two zines, and two coffees.

As for the reading, I humbly submit that I rocked the joint. Joining all these anti-authoritarians were my parents and my aunt and a few of my friends, who though far from mainstream themselves did look a tad out of place. I had the biggest cheering section and I could hear my blog buddies from all over the world.

It went well, I think. People paid attention anyway. I was the first reader. It felt amazing. I was nervous, of course, but I channelled it and projected my voice and it felt good to share my words, this story I've been schlepping away at for so long.

Thank you all for your support.
Beth, thanks so much.

Josie, it went well. There was no mic, it was different than I expected. Not exactly a snooty literary affair, which is good. I enjoyed not only reading but also the general excitement of the place, and sharing with fellow artists, all putting themselves out there equally, without corporate support.

Toast: no publicity tour yet, but you gotta start somewhere. My posts have decline mainly because I've become quite busy with three paid projects, one of which is lobbying, the other grant-writing and newsletter-writing, and the other public speaking (about west african development).

Kissa: thank you, it did. How was Bruce?
Bruce was amazing as ever. Met the band afterwards too. Overdosed on the music read my blog to see how!
Great it went so well.
Glad to hear it went so smoothly, and that your words can tame both businessman and punk!
Kissa: sounds fab, I'll be over soon.

PP: my next trick is to punkify the tycoons.
Glad it went well.
Thought it would.
Of course it went well. You have a good story that probably blendt (?) in rather well, and set a tone for the rest to have to follow.

I'm sure that number two was much more nervous than you were.

Did you stay for all the readings? When I used to play out, I would always try as hard as I could to stay and support from the audience/mosh pit (stick figure in the mosh pit!) all the acts that followed. I would yell louder than anyone and of course, meet all the other fine folks at who may or may not have seen my band.

Live events are just a lot of fun.
Thanks Ivan, I appreciate the vote of confidence.

Eric: yeah, it's funny how once your up there your empathy for everyone else skyrockets. I laughed extra hard at all the funny parts, clapped vigourously. Not quite mosh pit behaviour but you know, lending support in solidarity.
Little too far for me to commute, sorry I wasn't there. Sounds like you had a good time, though.
Trevor: yeah, that's a pricey little flight, even more expensive by train. It was a good time indeed. From humble beginnings...
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