Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Novel News

The newspaper I worked at in Ghana has published an excerpt from my 'subway novel' under the title 'Living in the Dirt.' See the excerpt here.

Hope all are well; seeya soon.



Congratulations. Three day novel contest? Sounds like Kerouac would have loved that.
Thanks Eric. It took Kerouac three whole weeks to write 'on the road'. the guy was a lightweight.
Finally good to read your voice again benji. Congratulations on the place, maybe you can turn it into an east coast Josie hide-a-way.

remember to have two boxes of pencils sharpened and at your side when you start the three day trek through the land of nod.
How's the edit going?
Congrats on the publish & finding a place! Two for two... jealously never looked good on me, especially since it's such an unflattering green color... haha
Benji, good luck in the contest. Will we get pics of your new digs?
TWM: my hand is much too cumbersome for that, it's keyboard fingers or bust.

UTMG: edit is finished! a few great readers are plowing through it now and feedback is trickling in for the next rounnd. so, if you got any comments, please fire me an email. btw, thanks for asking.

HOD: if captain berk was here he'd tell you about some nice looking green chicks.

TC: it's practically guaranteed.

Good news.

What is this novel writing thing you speak of? Ok I'll follow the link. No further action required....
thanks lynn. if you also click the 'subway novel' tag you'll see some more history on the novel thingy. i hope to be seeking a publisher soon.
Three-day Novel writing contest? Hmmm... I guess you won't be blogging for the duration, that is, unless you're Superman. Good luck!
Yes, but green is so not my color... *sigh*
thanks JR! probability of blogging will be very low, but i will be wearing my superman hat.

HOD: what if i made you really angry? red might work better.
congrats mate! wow, seems like the heinz-effect eh? wicked!
CD: thanks. forgive my ignorance but, what's the heinz effect?
What a great little character piece! You certainly have a way with words.
I'm getting greedy for the full story, just getting bits and pieces in different orders.
PP: haha, now I have you! if all goes like my desperate pleas to the gods from the cold darkness of 3 am then the whole story will one day be widely available for a reasonable price.
Yeah, sounded cool but the fifty dollar fee to enter is kind of high or maybe I just dont know any better.

I think a situation where the winners get all that money would be cool.

Plus, its honor system. You know what that means. Your three days of angst compared to another person's four years in the making novel. :)

Good luck, either way.

You are a brave soul, Benjibopper.

I refuse to pay anything for...well, anything.
Lynn: a couple years ago I participated without paying, or registering. I worked on my, at that point, two years in the making novel. Got a few good chapters out of it.

This year it's a way to escape my now four years in the making novel, and my current efforts to polish it, and just let the words flow again and a totally new idea. the grand prize is publication and marketing of the product, which is not a bad prize. but it's a long-shot. i do it more for the experience so i guess i could have, once again, participated unofficially.

but a guy can dream. for 50 bucks.
Wow. On The Road is mythologized to have been written in a three day speed induced spazzathon.

Well, it checks out. I'll have to crack some heads for this--literary heads, of course.
yeah, pretty sure it was three weeks. he taped a bunch of sheets of paper together on one giant roll so he wouldn't have to stop to change sheets all the time. nutso.
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