Thursday, July 05, 2007


1. northern ontario rock

2. paper in fire

3. northern ontario falls

4 condo cats

6. lake ontario canada goose

7. chutes

8. lake ontario gull

9. selves

10. Jazz singer

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Nothing like travel in a beautiful land to set a soul into proper motion. Great pics.
That's a great array of photos... there is nothing more beautiful than a waterfall, I think.
On first glance I thought the paper on fire was lava!
Great pictures!
Thanks Eric, it's nice to have pretty things close to home.

PP: there's something special about water.

Myutopia: thanks!
The thing about running splashing water is that it releases negative ions into the atmosphere and anyone near enough to take these ions in receives the calming affect of them.

Maybe I should move to Niagara Falls that falls may produce enough negative ions to cool the sometimes fire of my anger.

Very Much Peace BenJi
Great pics! I love the warmth of the fire and the texture of the water, and you're very photogenic! :)
I think my favorites are the paper in the fire - it's always been nearly impossible for me to capture that moment of red and crinkly just before it disintegrates into embers - and the jazz singer. That's just, well, because I love jazz singers!
wicked pics... me like! specially the kittens...
May I have a #6, and two #8s please? Yum!!

P.S. Great pics!
I join the praise chorus. I like your pictures. They are nicely balanced.

I just read backwards in your blog a bit, and wondered if you've seen the film "Smoke Signals". It's one of my absolute favorites.
why thank you ms smack - photogenic is not something i've heard before. perhaps it took my own steady hand to bring out my inner beauty. yeah, that's right, to hell with modesty.

TWM: a heavy bag works wonders too. does writing help? i kinda dig your anger.

claire: i like the jazz singer too. it was quite a flukey shot actually - it was dark and i think the shutter was on auto and it took forever for the thing to go off. in the interum she (mina agossi is her name and she is awesome, and a very animated performer to say the least) had moved all over the stage. she popped back into the frame and leaned back just so at just the right moment.

crashie: a cat person eh? then you're okay in my books.

thanks Tomcat, we could use more of your kind in this city, bit a population control with the #6's, and they can get quite aggressive. but they pose well.

jeanne: must...see...smoke signals. never heard of it before but it sounds fantastic, i'll keep an eye out for it, thanks for the tip. my favourite movie that attempted to provide a bit of aboriginal perspective was black robe, until i met one of the child actors in it (now grown up of course) in British Columbia, inspiring woman, and she told me how the director had some pretty gross prejudices about native people, and how eventually she quit acting because she got tired of wearing feathers.
Love the goose.

I wish I weren't almost violently allergic to cats, I really dig their laid back 'can't be bothered with us' nature.

The allergies seem to gain strength as I get older.
Very good eye. I only take pictures of my kids, the youngest is such a good subject. Still uninhibited, the older one poses now, don't like that. I need to branch out. Hey, I'm going to link to you. If I don't link to someone then I often end up losing track of them. If you don't want me to just let me know and I will unlink. Another good movie is Rabbit-proof fence. It's about the australian aborigines.
mOB: Those allergies are just part of the attitude.

BBE: i've heard of that one - I'll check it out. Atanarjuat (The Fast Runner) is also a great film made by an Innuit producer and all Innuit actors, set in the north based on a very old story passed through the generations. Thanks for the link, I'll add a link to you too next time I update my template.
i love that its "paper in fire" not on fire....
the words alone!
Awesome scrapbook!
thanks singleton, all props to john cougar mellencamp for that title.
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