Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Saving the World and Whatnot

I got offered two jobs and a promotion in one week and to boot saw my Montreal Canadiens play the Toronto Maple Leafs at the Garden in Toronto, one of the last times they played there, with my world's best friend.

It was just as I was negotiating the terms of my promotion that McC called me to say "you're in kid," or something of that nature. To celebrate we hit the Hockey Hall of Fame, Wayne Gretzky's bar, and of course the game, on which I wasted (well) $125 for the sake of the scalper's kid's college fund and my own personal pleasure.

So life became pretty good for a while, I had a better job, which although still not socially productive at least was more interesting, paid better. Still I could feel the call of something bigger and better, and I felt that somehow, someway I was to be rewarded by my travels, that I would be "handed a pearl" as Kerouac said. That pearl would not only be the thrill of travel, the joy of freedom and wildness of life, the adventure, the reality of it all, but it would be the chance to learn, to educate, save the world and whatnot.

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These recent posts with the 1998 tags were actually written in 1998, which may help explain why they're kinda dull. But the story will pick up, I think. This is just background, feel free to skim.
I'm waiting for my pearl
The thing about the pearl is it likes to be chased, but not caught. Just when you think you're tired of the game, someone else, a maven or muse perhaps, will hand it to you.
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