Tuesday, March 08, 2005

The Instrament-Makers Workshop

worksie shoppie slippy sloppy
instraments we shall make
soo-ey oo-ey icky wickie
instraments today

Instramental tooled in kits
devised by spammers, scammers n slammers
coiners of phrase and cliche

"to reinvent the wheel"
when "collaboration-building"
could save us all
is a sin to Allah Ganesh
Better to cop, adapt, revise, re-apply
instructions from the manual

Carefully crafted by marketing gurus
specialistic yahoos, goobled n garbled
in just such-in-suchaway
in the instrament-maker's workshop
we learn how to work in time
beat 1 undone farflung on-a-drum
the perfect essential rhyme
in which our reason shall define
the perfect time for a plot twist
[Goldilocks the dominatrix
pimping circus bears in Demoine]

Anyway back to Newtonian physics
chop these up real small
divide into 3 equal piles
weighing equatorial amounts
drop them into the water
watch equidistant waves
spooling outward
proving the world is round
It's that luminescent bit
at the end, when the full moonlight
catches the sinus waves
on a 45 degree angle at 3 am
that proves what I'm saying is right

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