Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Latest Truth:

Talib Kweli is a genius.

I'm thinking from now on I should buy only hiphop albums. Except maybe I'll also pick up the 25th anniversary re-release of 'The Wall' because that's an insane album and Roger Waters is also a genius.

To paraphrase Bob Dylan: Lanois asked me what I'd been listening to lately and I told him Ice T, and he seemed surprised, but he shouldn't have been because Ice T, NWA, Public Enemy, there was no bullshit with those guys. They were doing music that was truly innovative. We were making an antiquated record. I didn't want to tell Lanois that, but it was true.

I don't think Dylan's antiquated, nor is Woodie Guthrie or Pete Seeger. But most of the innovation going on in music right now seems to be happening in hiphop.

Peace out,

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