Monday, October 25, 2004

As promised, I read the paper today, the Globe and Mail - check out Ralph Klein's election calling pose at

That's his election claw - don't fuck with this guy, especially if you're a nova scotia welfare bum.

My favourite story of today was the one about BC joining Malta as a jurisdiction using an electoral system called Single Transferable Vote - a form of popular representation. The Globe does such a fantastic job explaining this system, saying "A complicated formula would then be used to determine" Oh! A complicated formula - just like how they break ties in the Olympics.

Anyway, it's about time one Canadian province moved into the 20th century of electoral systems. Maybe, just maybe, someday we'll have a woman as Prime Minister. I mean, one who doesn't make fun of facial deformities and French accents (at least not in public).

Till Next Time,

The Bopper


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