Sunday, October 24, 2004

Nine Haikus for Steve Shaw (Steve's Song)

Playing guitar hard, Maternal songs bring me tears, his voice is strong soft
Transportation songs, deep lined face shifts far away, speaking in song now
Silent holy night, every Christmas the same, tradition in song
Lincoln Duncan song, left his Maritime home sad, things got worse from there
All he ever had, ripped from him at other's whims, beyond his control
Goodbye goodbye Love, daughter son dog and Mother, all taken away
Sad songs the result, of tragic society, and personal truth
A reclaiming vow, "Someday I'll get it all back, Life is pretty good"
Happy endings true, Beatiful is always there, Peace will always come


This was so excellent.

Reminded me straight up of old Bob Dylan himself, seriously. (Got Pink Floyd's album Animals playing in the background, "house proud town mouse--ha ha, charade you are..." it goes well with that, too.)

This could be set to song, easily enough, add a couple more syllables here and there for sake of vocal flow, and it's done. Heck, it already is done!

You've been writing very well for a long time, Benji. This is excellent. Glad you recommended it. You should put a "best of..." list on your sidebar and put this right in there.

peace out.
Eric, thank you kindly. Funny to see you back here in the archives, back before anybody read this blog. It's a nice memory here. Yeah, these two poems are keepers I think. 'Best of' is not a bad idea if I can find the time to figure out the techy aspect.

I often think of my poems as tuneless songs...wish I played guitar so I could musify them. Feel free to put any of my words to music if you ever so desire. Just send me a copy and a cut of the profits, hehe.

btw, I absolutely love Roger Waters, one of the best lyricists in history. Dylan too, but he's a more obvious choice. Roger Waters is very under-rated for his lyrical talents.

Peace Eric.
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