Thursday, January 17, 2013

Bodies Are Changing

Bodies are changing,
lines stretch, screech, blur, scar;
bodies are aging.

Bodies once raging,
lightning bolt collision;
bodies are changing.

Time victims, subtle phasing,
frantic dropped stitches swollen;
bodies are aging.

Bodies roving, exploring, ranging,
weakened by miles, pleasure, exploits;
bodies are changing.

Stiffened, creaky exit staging,
rocking-chair ski slopes, rear-view glory;
bodies are aging.

You and I entwined, free falling,
hold tight wind, strip us.
Bodies are changing.
Bodies are aging.

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This is a clever poem I like it
I'm fifty. You don't know the half of it:-)

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Hi Chris, I don't know if this would fit into your Benjibopper mandate but here goes:

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Thank you for considering this challenge!
Ditto plus add 3 years ..
X and Foam, are you implying this condition is not reversible?
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