Tuesday, December 04, 2012

White-collar Family-man Blues (to the tune of Heartbreak Hotel)

My cat ran off and left me
He didn’t like me no how
All that healthy vet food
He lives at the corner store now
I got the blues
White-collar family-man blues

Sometimes the boss don’t like you
But me I’m self-employed
I got one hundred bosses
all wanting me destroyed
I got the blues
White-collar family-man blues

I love my little boy
He sick all winter long
He got me sick too
Them daycare viruses strong
I got the blues
White-collar family-man blues

Ain’t seen my woman
since two thousand eight
By the time them children grown
gonna feel like our first date
I got the blues
White-collar family-man blues

When you first taste that hard drive
think all your problems solved
Everything so efficient
till the software evolves
I got the blues
White-collar family-man blues

It’s Christmastime again
We promised one gift each
WalMart got me on hold
Customer service at the beach
I got the blues
White-collar family-man blues

Yes I got the blues
It’s those modern white-collar
Family-man blues

I could say something like maybe you should go to work for a living Chris but then you got the blues so let me just say...yeah man it's the same in a blue collar.
You certainly sound like you got the blues real bad man.
I can say that I prefer this to the bulk of X-mas carols I hear all around me.
Walking Man: Yeah the two have blurred somewhat thanks to unions. Sometimes I want a job working with my body. Grass is always greener...

Cuby: uh-huh.

X: Well that's a low bar to hurdle, but I'll take it.
You could move to Michigan, if you can find a job...we just busted our unions so if you get work well...

I think I'll stop there and just say "what X.Dell said"
I'm reading Germinal by Émile Zola, written in the 1880s, set in the 18602. It's about coal miners in northern France. The working conditions are brutal, the pay just enough for daily bread, literally no meat, and booze and cigs of course. And they're paid by the weight of what they dig, so it's the mine that is enforcing safety regs that the miners ignore because it's less time they can spend digging and making enough money for their large families.

That is apparently what Michigan and other union busters want to go back to.
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