Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Hear me Oh Lord in my longing

The unquenchable why of this living is mistaken.
We wail for the family lost eons ago
when this land was nutritious candy.

Now God kneels outside our iron bars
seeking hope in humanity's extinction
or survival.
He has created and is horrified.

We have revolted, and evolved -
met our Maker, apologized
for traceless political love affairs,
and demanded a map back to Eden.

[this is a rewrite of one I posted a while back]

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Ahh if only we could demand a way back but there is only forward. And we build the road as we go, let our art lead the way for the lost and voiceless and let us come as one people to that final place of harmony outside the cage politic that is slowly destroying all good by forcing us to stagnation.

I really feel this short write deep within me Chris. Thank you.
Mark, thanks for this. It was a short one but required a lot of reworking to get it the way I wanted, so I'm thrilled it resonated.
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