Friday, December 09, 2011


Twice I've seen rosebushes bloom ash
twice felt roots ensnare my skin
and known my remains would fly
with Grandpa and his sisters
and the ocean would take its share -
the grey darkening, solidifying, sinking
But only once has death given roses
You said to me, "I want this same fate
with you and your ancestors."

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Good poem.

But there is a full moon out and my mood is somewhat ribald.

I think of some theolgy students with a Dadaistic bent....Maybe too much of the same thing.

They would begin to say horrible irreverent things,like "crown of thorns, or no crown of thorns...Get out of my rosebush!"

This made me smile, as I had just completed a thesis on MAD Magazine as an example of Dada art.

I guess in my heart, I started to believe my heart was going to belong to Dada.

...I think God is going to get me for that one...And the divinity students too? :)
This is thought provoking clever poem which I like very much. Good one Chris.
Ivan: As John Prine said, your flag decal won't get you into heaven anymore. So you might as well Dada.

Cuby: Thank you kindly!
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