Monday, May 16, 2011


miia man o when i in ya eye i a man who will make you sigh

and you a woman who will make me try

and i try i try i try i try and i try

to be a man for a miia when we lie

late at night side by side but in between there's a baby cry

and he the apple and the pear in his parents' eyes

oh miia oh miia i hope you see you a woman you a woman to me

you the woman you the woman you the woman for me

when we dance when we dance in the living room

and we step then glide in a small circle

and we kiss and we touch and we no longer there

we dance all across a small city

and we dance and we touch across a small province

and i call and i say your name miia and you hear it all across
the big country

miia lover miia warrior when i in your eyes

you a ama when you in my eyes when you laugh or you sweep

or you sigh or you sing you my aphrodite and miia slave for you

miia fighter for you miia spy for you miia scribe for you
'cause me

miia man o when i in your eye miia man o who make you sigh

and even if the baby cry

and we soothe him long just to get him lie

and now we both tired

miia gonna dance with you all across this small world

going in circles with you it all i really wanna do

is be a man for you 'cause miia miia miia man for you and
you a you a you a

woman for me

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I don't believe this poem was written by the same man who had written the one previous, the one just before. From Kellog's to Conch.

You should write more in patois?,
well i'm nothing if not diverse, dear ivan. i did pick up a small bit of patois when i lived in st. lucia, but sadly it's lost to me now. all i remember is "Owa!" which means, loosely translated, "Hell no!"
A translation:

"Wha' gwan?" - I say, could you keep me abridged of current events, Dear Fellow?

But, I digress. What a beautiful poem!
Happy birthday, Chris...I was informed on FB by Brenda Conroy.
Thanks Toast! Btw, Wha'gwan wi yoo?

Thanks Ivan! Twas a happy day indeed - got me some breakfast in bed, including chocolate cake.
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