Thursday, March 10, 2011

10 CDs You Should Hear

Hi folks, I usually try to do this in January but it's been that kind of year already. But, here they are, 10 records that blew my mind in 2010. As usual they didn't necessarily come out then. That's just when I fell in love with them:

The Hitchin' Post, Heather Kelday - She played at my book launch and everybody sang along even though most of them had never heard her play before.

New Train, Paul Pena - This is the guy who wrote Big Ole Jet Airliner, but the body of his work is far better than that. I saw him in Genghis Blues, a documentary about his trip to Tuva to compete in a throat-singing contest, a skill he learned listening to the ham radio.

My Hands Are On Fire and Other Love Songs, Old Man Luedecke - I love every song this guy writes.

Self Titled, Charms - It's bluegrassy, folky, catchy and ridiculously harmonious. These two sound like they've been singing together since birth.

Dirt Farmer, Levon Helm - He's back, he's farming, and his voice is still powerful.

Son of a Rudderless Boat, Kev Corbett - Half bard, half musical genius, Kev's become one of my favourite songwriters.

Best of, Townes Van Zandt - My housemates used to love this guy and last year I was finally able to give him a good listen. Possibly the best, and saddest, country songs ever written.

Sunset Sea, Danny Michel - I love every song this guy writes.

Wake Up! John Legend & The Roots - Old political soul music reborn by the best male voice in pop music, and about the best backing hip hop band there is.

Where I Need to Be, Kim Wempe - If there is a yin to John Legend's yang it just might be the wall-shaking voice of Kim Wempe. [Her new album, Painting With the Tides, is great too, but I didn't get to it until 2011.]

This is the Sea, Sarah Kenvyn - Pretty much stole the show at my book launch and I pretty much haven't stopped listening to this disc since.

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Interesting collection, from those I could actually hear a sample of.

Regarding your previous post: I've never heard of a placenta being parasitic. Maybe that explains why one of my friends ate hers. Payback is a bitch, you know.

BTW, the fact that those two people were seated next to each other smacks of conspiracy, if you ask me:-)
Thanks for the info ! I enjoyed your post !
I suck. I only have heard John Legend and the Roots. Thanks for this.
Hey benji!!
thanks so much for this amazing list --I will check them out-all the best to you my friend!!
XD: Aw you would think that eh? ;-)

Rezer: Thanks.

Susan: A lot of those are Canadian, several from the east coast. We punch above our weight, artistically, but most of the world don't know it yet.

Dev: Thanks, enjoy!
I've heard of Townes and enjoy him from time to time. There's a documentary on him if you haven't seen it. I've always enjoyed The Band and Levon. The rest I'm not familiar with, but good list and plenty to discover.
El Vox: Happy listening!
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