Wednesday, September 01, 2010

My Big Day Downtown

I was given $100 by the Downtown Halifax Business Commission to spend on anything I wanted, as long as I documented the experience publicly. I, naturally, chose books. Here's a video (shot by my wife, edited by me, with music by my brother) of the experience:

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great video! now i want to go book shopping in halifax too!
Ah good, success.
Good, good, good!

Now I'm pimping.

I have gone to the local papers with my novel, The Fire in Bradford.

Looks like they're going to do something.

Meanwhile, I have been reduced to courting one ChuckerCanuck, who has a political blog, ChuckerCanuck 2.0.

Chucker thought it was a good idea for me to review my own novel, rather than he....Seems to think I write in an entertaining way...Well, my self-review is up.

Thanks Ivan, I enjoyed your self-review - a truly bizarre exercise, like Leonard Cohen's standing by the window abandoned to beauty and pride.

Keep plugging at those newspapers. Online may be the future, but those newspapers still sell books, I'm told.
Today's word variation:


I am designating this as a verb which means: the act of watching a cartoon character go 'Blech' - e.g; to watch an animated or drawn creation retch.
Are you saying my video made you blectate?
Ha ha!

No. I can't watch it due to ludditeism.

Down town Hali looks like a fun place to inhabit. Been looking for a new city to inhabit, though I do know that currently Canada is getting a bit tired of US expatriates... A couple friends of mine are living there currently. Both are having one heck of a time finding employment in the Toronto area, though they love it there compared to Detroit.

I remember you once mentioning call center jobs. If such an opportunity still exists, I might just find my way there with my comp and my guitar. Would be a fun adventure. I survived Hot Springs, Arkansas, without knowing anyone and without trying to fit in found a way to fit in perfectly. I can perhaps survive anywhere...
Lots of draft dodgers and other anti-American Americans round these parts and we love em all. I think you'd have better luck here than Toronto - lots more competition there. You just need that paperwork.
Saw your new writing blog. Very cool, I added it to my links. Hope the success keeps coming your way.
Thanks Eric!
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