Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Desire Seed

Desire is seed.
Your arms
snychro-waving in the dark,
flashing across the dance-cave.
My stillbirth reborn.
My feet walk themselves over.

Tears lubricate my body over;
Tetris pieces withhold seed
until ancestors are reborn.
Telephone chords mimic arms
poorly, cold as caves,
desiring touch in the dark.

Tree pastors towering dark,
our shivers gratefully ruled over.
The sauna a geothermal cave,
where idealized eternity sows seed,
across the arc of the other’s arms;
tradition is repetition reborn.

Desire is reborn
in the deepest dark,
stillborn with too few arms;
hungry voices’ journey over.
Our spinning globe scatters seed,
frees us from the cubicle cave.

365 exploration of continental cave.
365 labours daily reborn.
Restively flailed seed,
unharvested from the faraway dark;
ocean’s gravity heaves vagabondage over.
Ancestors require our arms.

Hands in sand and legs as arms,
an inverted tower till elbows cave.
Reunion summer’s over.
Old routines reborn.
In cavernous downtown funkitecture’s dark:
A desire, an egg, a seed.

With his birth we’re reborn
in a solitary cave.
Desire is seed.

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Fascinating, Benji, but I'm not sure where you're going with it. My impression is a contrast between the primitive life and the modern workplace. I like it.
TC: ha, that might be a miss on my part. It's strictly a love poem.
Wow Mr Benji!!!! Just WOW!!!!
I really loved this one--superb -- the other day I was trying to compose a little verse to show someone how I feel about him ---after reading your work here I think I will just throw away my little attempt at love/poetry/writing in embarassment
and say something lame -but true - like "Hey dude I love you"
who can't love a poem with "funkitecture" in it!!
all the best in the world to you and your wife/family/friends ---thanks so much for posting this---beautiful!!!!
Devin: Most people (myself included) lack the courage to say something as simple as "dude I love you" to a friend, or even family member, out loud. So, if you can do that, I tip my hat to you. But, I'm glad you like the writing.

Toast: SHAZAM!
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