Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bill on a Code of Ethics for the Province

As the honourable member for East Sinsancto power-reads the Cautious Liberal amendments for a bill altering the unethical behaviours of all elected representatives, those officials snicker chat and spitball each other.

The Ever Forward Conservative representative of Nova Bay South next offers his party's amendments as the honourable member from Lower Downtown Pugington whispers sweet something-or-others into the ear of his assistant.

Finally the Chair, who backbenches the Ruling Central Left Leaners, submits his own written amendments and winks his deferral to the morning's 1st coffee. Relieved laughter ricochets as the sun threatens the west-facing windows.

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Don't you feel that way sometimes as a journeyman reporter stuck on covering politics?
It is the same story written with no spin.
Thank god I'm not down at parly-house every day - I'd waste away from nausea.

TWM: true, unless you consider the term "honourable" spin, which you could.
politics as usual it would seem ..
years ago i was part of a student lobby and had occasion to watch the legislature on the state level doing business. some were drinking coffee and reading the newspaper, some were chatting with others, some were clearly bored, one was nodding off.
i was not impressed.
Politics eh? The same everywhere
Great article and comments benji!!!! sorry I havent been around as much (and very late publisning comments- hopefully by Thursday this will be fixed -hope to get caught up with you soon!!!! best as always!!!!

Just a note:

As you requested, Beni, my novel, Light Over Newmarket is on its way to you in Halifax.
Politics would work just fine if it wasn't for human beings.
Foam: and if they don't care, who will?

MD: yep, it is these days. we're such a monoculture.
Devin: no worries, my friend. our absences here mean presences elsewhere.

Ivan: Thanks, got it! complete with a beautiful scent of old cigarettes, I think. I've sent your cheque back - hope you got it.

Toast: Human beings would work just fine if it wasn't for politics.
BTW, Benji.,

Thanks so much for purchasing a copy of my "Light Over Newmarket."

Heh. The book was lying around the house, I smoke like a chimney, and I guess when you opened my package, it must have had on odor like smoked codfish-- with writing on it.
Poor non-smoker had to hold his nose to read my book.
Sorry old man. I should have cracked a new packing case to get a non-smelly book.

Hm. I have been told, certainly once that my first book stank! :)
Ivan: I think it gives it a very appropriate character. I'm looking forward to reading it soon.
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