Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Let us reinvent the wheel

Let us reinvent the wheel.
The old one takes us nowhere, fast.
Let us forget its existence;
let us strip its ill-gotten rubber
and beat it until its flatness engulfs
our hammers.

Let us kick its metal rims
as the rappers' gab is open-mouth muted
and they've only politics left to rhyme about.
Let our steel toes outlast it.
Let its nuts be eaten by spring's ravenous squirrels,
and its bolts be corroded by vinegar blasted from
our super-soakers.

Let there be no remnants of its perfection,
its blind efficient roll into oblivion.
Let us start anew with a wooden block,
balanced by its corner on a sealskin dome
as we drum like malnourished apes with
broken sticks.

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Superb Benji!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Loved it through and through.
Anything you write or quote always makes me think- and I so appreciate that.
Thanks so much for your kind words -
and best as always to you and your family-your friend always
I can't wait to hear the restless rappers turn to rhymes about seal skin.
Excellent, Benji. Is your wheel a metaphor for society as a whole?
I echo TomCat.


Brings to mind Faulkner after he got a bit garrulous upon winning the Nobel...And greatly optimisic.

"Man will survive anything, even the invention of the wheel."
Very, very nice. Yes, let us all start anew with a wooden block. I like that.
Love it.

"Until it engulfs our hammers" was the line that really made me weigh every word here.

I would love to see society remade, but I just finished reading Anthem once again, and I fear what may emerge from the fire of a modern revolution.

Makes me think.

And I have to say, I am one proud monkey. Now, I need to get back on a roll and start beating my drum I loved so much.
Luddites forever! :)
I think we should get rid of fire next.
Devin: thanks and glad it made you think. Still working on better accessing the heart, like the true masters.

Toast: I know, that'd be so cool.

TC: well, yes, I suppose it is. This all started with me being sick and tired of sitting in meetings hearing people say, "let's not re-invent the wheel here." Lazy. Lazy speaking in cliches, lazy being so afraid to try something new and always looking to what has already been done.

Ivan: I'll take Faulkner, even garrulous past-prime Faulkner.
MD: would that it were that easy, eh?

Eric: Reminds me of the great little children's book, Hand Hand Fingers Thumbs (Ten little monkeys drumming on drums!). It's a great read and one I highly recommend to bookend a long day. Hope you're well my friend.

X: fire has already been reinvented so many times, in so many ways. Btw, sorry I've fallen behind on your blog, mainly because I'm very very interested in the John Lennon series and haven't had the time to give it proper attention. And my printers broken so I can't even print it off and read it at night when things calm down. But I hope to resolve that soon.
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