Tuesday, September 22, 2009


"Why do you bring your mistakes here?" -elderly Ghanaian woman to journalist Joan Baxter

Sunlight soil and water,
the Hank Aaron (former) homerun king sandwich.
Former: cocktailed from history's highball of fame,

left out wind-twisted in late-night Chubby Checker marathons,
an asterisk's footnote.

Could be worse:
Harder to be a fish,
whose life beats odds of exponential shrinkage
and just before the life-dream's achieved
she hits the wall.
Her estrogen-laden piscine brain's last thought:

Her mercury diet betrayed
with a concrete kiss.

Formerly: One in ten million spawn,
the (parallel universe) Pete Rose payoff.
The plants are the lucky ones.

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Hmmm... time, I think, to go vegetate. :-)
Nice! Like how the flood gates just open up with a second and third reading of this one...

But that poor little fish! Wonder what would have happened if there hadn't been the wall across the stream? Maybe got back to the pool where she was from (isn't it salmon that know the right rivers?)... and like the line on the luck of the plants too... they may very well be better off... but I'll reserve judgment on that...

But a question too... the label "non fiction"??? How do you figure? Or is that another drop of water, falling from the gate?
Great as always Benji!! This one really caused a flood of images to flash by in my little brain-the Ghanian woman quote was very powerful with this-I wish I had one-one hundredth of your talent (in something:-)I will take an infusion of talent in about any area of my life right now!!-I just took about 5 minutes to find a quote from Jeff Wells (another great Canadian!) book Rigorous Intuition where he is quoting somebody -about what the US is going to get from all of its -ahem "help" in other nations-I will continue to try to find it-God help us if 5 percent of our "help" ever comes back to us here-perhaps we are beyond that now-I hope not.Again thanks so much for sharing your work-really appreciate it and I hope you and your family will have a beautiful week and weekend here shortly!!
...And now we come to the virgin Sturgeon. Can't get no satisfaction. What a life.
Makes me wonder how we decided over time what really is important and what isn't. we revere our "stars" even the fallen ones yet blindly destroy our environment and food sources.
TC: vegetatin' and meditatin' are fine things to do when you have a spare moment.

jon: thanks, glad you enjoyed it. this is a true story that happens to salmon in rivers with dams across the continent every year.

Devin: thanks so much, don't know about talent but i'm glad you enjoy my posts and i do enjoy yours as well - always educational.

ivan: it's enough to make you go craaazy.

TWM: well, exactly. as you often do you nailed it on the head.
Benji-I think one of the best books about dimensions and all of that "weird" science stuff that is true -but people have a hard time realizing what it means is Michael Talbot's Holographic Universe-it is a 1991 book (i think) and it was available for a free ebook download on scribd -it really gets into all of the discoveries of modern physics and what they may mean for consciousness, humanity ,reality and other things-best to you as always and I do so enjoy your writing-thanks again for sharing it!!
Love the quote. Love the last line.
Intersting post, nice text.
Of course they bring their mistakes there because they want to leave them behind, but endorse them to somebody, to make them be the ones that carry their wrong stuf.
Fish grow to the size of their tanks. But that seems like a myth. The tanks must be grown to the size of the fish.
Devin: Thanks for the book recommendation; I'll have to check that out.

MD: Glad you enjoyed.

MS: I think we bring our mistakes because we don't even realize they are mistakes.

Ultra: My head just imploded. And a bunch of algae leaked out.
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