Monday, August 24, 2009

King Philosopher

This is a re-write of a 2006 poem, which some may have seen in its previous incarnation:

King Philosopher
Dear Manpower,
I humbly seek employment
as a Great Philosopher.

I can start begging during the fast
to be whipped by wisdom
in a street with inverted signs.
Even pop stars know:
no shameful confusion;
no prospects for upward nobility.

When wisdom whips my eye,
only then will I demand
promotions toward the industry’s ultimate.

I humbly insist that destiny decrees
I be a chosen Great Philosopher
alongside the textbook hall-of-famers
featured in Ideas of the Great Philosophers.

Even such stratospheric aspirations
cannot sate my celebrity ambition
until I parlay my success
into a reality TV show:
'What is Truth?'

A Great Philosopher’s memory is long,
Dear Manpower,
Alight this steadfast understanding-seeker;
afford me passage to gluttonous opportunity
and your staff shall be
my Season One Sophists.

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hope you get the job! i'd hire you

You're HIRED!!! But remember it is only a temporary position subject to reassignment unless you get on the Enquirer cover and get a Wikipedia entry.
Dear King Philosopher,

As far as I recall we haven't advertised for a vacancy in this position. Once the incumbent has finished his term, I'm afraid there won't be a replacement. The role is being outsourced to a non-autocratic, semi-republican, post-monarchist system provider.

But we'll keep your details on file, should the philosophical climate change.


Diversity in Consciousness Dept.
@ ultra toast,


'diversity in consciousness dept.'
Ha indeed. he Ha of reason.
But more like Voltaire. "Laughing lions will come."
Ever so slightly tweaked this yet again.

Jon: thank you! are you in the philosophy game?

TWM: I'm pretty sure I could whip myself up a wiki entry.

Toast: Those non-autocratic, semi-republican, post-monorchist system providers get all the breaks.

Ivan: I will feed them tea and oranges that come all the way from China.
It is a nice text, I like it. The idea of a philosopher profession is great.
To accomplish your objective I am going to give you 2 tips, try to say shocking things about the world and try to appear on at least one ophra show.

Take care
Funny thing.

I just sent a novel to a well known New York agent who goes by the monicker of Book Cohen.
Will acting do?
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Hi Monique.
Someone kindly pointed out a typo: glutinous should have been gluttonous. oops.

MS: does Oprah allow shocking things on her show? I'll try.

Ivan: Book Cohen? That is funny. Seems he chose the right career, or the right name.

MD: You should know I'm a terrible, terrible actor.
Benji, I'm so pleased you found me. You're on the blog roll at PP. I agree with Mark. You're hired. No go philosiphicate. ;-)
I'm wondering if philosophers make minimum wage, or perhaps more.
He he-Xdell:-) benji-I missed this one-it is wonderful -thanks so much for stopping by my place today! I have decided if nothing else (hopefully b4!) but if I can't to ask for a work of yours and Stephen Morrissey for Christmas-like I say hopefully before but I am scraping the bottom financially (as if people can't tell:-)I probably won't be online tomorrow-but if you could let me know which book of yours I might like best-at my blog or on this post?! all the best and I hope you have a beautiful weekend!!

from your question above:

am I in the philosophy game?

no choice anymore...

read too much Derrida for anyone's good... and my gf practices the lost craft... so between me studying and teaching literature and her teaching thinking we have nothing to talk about!

I'm putting money on Mr. Cohen.

And congrats on what appears to be your first real publishing of you own novel.
TC: will do. glad to see you politicating again.

X: they make a bloody fortune. mostly posthumously though, methinks.

Devin: I have but one book worth reading, and it won't be out until next year. But if you're still constrained by the American Dream at that time, I'll send you a copy then. But don't tell anyone.

Jon: I would think that combo would lead to some fascinating conversations.

Anon: good luck with Cohen - it's a name to bet on for sure.
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