Sunday, May 24, 2009

A Tuneless Song

"Development concepts are generated at universities, accepted as profound by policy types in Washington, and then declared as gospel. In order to raise money to do the same types of projects you've always done, you have to be sure to include the appropirate current jargon in your project proposal and in subsequent progress reports." --Michael Maren

"The nomadic ethos views farmers as inferior beings forced to live a life of toil. The nomad is a free man." --Michael Maren

Procrastination Blues

Woke up at the crack of noon
But I ain’t quite wide awake yet
Been wishing I was someone else
But I’m afraid this is good as it gets

Been down with the Muppet Show
And forty-four product ads
Been feeling it’s time to create
But my visions all seem like fads

How I wish I was a morning man
Sipping coffee with the rising sun
How I wish I had working hands
Bleeding till my work is done

Here I sit on a garbage can
Tryna tune a broken guitar
Can’t play it anyway
But if I could man I’d go far

Ain’t nothing but work to do
And the list got a mind of its own
If it keeps growing up like this
It’ll be the only thing I own


I know I should get up now
Get going on my dreams
Yeah I coulda been someone
If my body wasn’t so free

If I ever get myself to work
Sleep’ll take me back soon enough
It never wants to let me go
And those dreams like to play rough


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I'll get my guitar...
Sittin' On Top Of The World...Howlin' Wolf...just happened to pop on throuogh the head phones as I clicked in...nice slow Delta beat...But you're a new dad so you are a Morning Man...
Toast! I take it France has internet cafes after all. Hey, I'd love it if someone found a tune for this.

TWM: ha, too true. I wrote this pre-parenthood.
Great Ben!

I sang it in my head. Shame I know nothing about writing music.
It gets worse. :)

Suburban blues.

woke up this morning
Both cars were gone.

Well, I am a hysterially young seventy and I still pick a bit.
MD: yeah, me too.

Ivan: pick on. i wish i could.
Wow I missed this by a mile-posted over a week ago!! i just cant keep up anymore-all I will say is great stuff as always and I so enjoy your blog-best to you!!
i liked this. very creative. as a songwriter myself, a melody and rhythm went through my head as i read. got me the blues.

dah dah dah dah dum
Devin: you may have noticed i can't keep up anymore either.

nina: that's exciting that it inspired a melody and rhythm for you. wish i could tap into that somehow.
I've written a melody and recorded a version, and there is a video available for it on my blog; take a look. Musically it may not be quite what you had in mind, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless. It sort of came to me in a rush. The usual apologies for my voice.

--Bunny Out--

P.S. My non-word verification for today is "whotis"!
wow, that's really cool!
lol at middle ditch ..
i was also singing a bluesy tune along in my head as i was reading this.
so .. is it really tuneless if it created a tune in my head?
Glad it was enjoyed.

Today's word: "ponth" (not to be confused with "ponce").

Hmm. Maybe that's my problem. I don't use enough jargon in my proposals.

BTW, whenver I'm procrastinating, I'm not blue. If it makes you sad, you're not doing it right.
Foam: I suppose not, in fact I think I had a tune when I wrote it but, being unable to write music these things get lost. Perhaps I should have called it Song of a Thousand Tunes.

Furbottle: A ponth on ponce!

XD: you may be right about that. But I also enjoy my work, which might be a factor.
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