Monday, February 16, 2009

Link to the Reading

You can listen to my story, It's Muhammad, as read on VoicePrint Canada on February 14, by clicking here, then clicking LISTEN.



Well benji that was splendid-i was disappointed when it didnt last the whole 27 minutes! Thanks so much for giving the link-am going to save it to faves-one thing I definitely like about your writing is that you dont over or under describe the characters-great work and thanks again!
Yes..all of what Devin said.
Devin and TWM: thanks so much and thanks for listening. I was a bit worried about the reading, kind of fast and didn't leave pauses in the story breaks/temporal shifts, but it sounds like you could follow it fine so that's good.
Sorry pal.

My speakers kicked out.

Is there a prit version you can forward?

Thanks for sending me the print version of It's Muhammad.

Reads so beautifully in print, it's probably gangbusters when spoken. I can seee why the CBC, who, face it, have taste--took it.
You never know where your taxidriver has been and among whom he moved.
Driven to the airport by a black prince.

Nice blog. I've read through most of your stuff on this first page. You're a good writer. But I've got to wonder why you put Joel Hynes book at number 15. I wouldn't have put it at number one or anything.

I listened to your reading. It's good to hear the spoken word... it does more when you hear it audibly somehow...

The story sounds kind of Irish in tone to me... maybe that's the east coast link... I'm a NFLDer meself...

Kind of bounced in here from /t or Enemy of the Republic...

bye for now...
Thanks Ivan, let's hope I can find a printed venue for it.

Hopper: thanks for dropping by. irish eh? i've only read one joyce, and some dylan thomas, but maybe some rubbed off.

funny your comment on down to the dirt, you're the second person to question that choice. just to clarify though, my list of books wasn't actually in any particular order, other than that they were the best 15 i read last year and the ones in bold were the best 6.

i liked down to the dirt. i've known kids like keith kavanagh and that was one of the best portrayals of a downward spiral i've read. he took me into the headspace of the character, to the point i could feel keith's hopelessness, then occasional spurts of random futile blind optimism, that even in feeling it you know it's going nowhere good. it was a book based on character more than anything else. i think some people consider it crap writing because it wasn't beautifully structured or written. but he wrote it in character, as kavanagh himself would have written it. and that worked for me.
That was great benji. Loved it.

Maybe you could write the script for The best little whorehouse in Texas chainsaw massacre next! LOL.
wonderful! i truly enjoyed listening to it ..
Loved listening to it. As you said, a little too fast. That's something experience will sort out. It's natural to want to do it fast though. It's nervy to do it slow but record yourself a few times and you will get the feel about reading slow.

I will send my husband here to have a listen too.
Hey SJ, thanks for coming by. it would have to be a helluva script, not sure i'm up to that yet. might have to go to slasher screenwriting school first.

Thanks Foam, glad you liked it!

MD: it's not actually me reading it. it's a volunteer from voiceprint canada. i wonder if there were some spaces left in the story breaks and they edited them out for time. being an audio program they probably had a tight time limit. not sure though. oh well, still nice to hear my words. i guess someone else never reads them quite as the writer would.
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