Friday, February 13, 2009

It's Muhammad

Hi folks,

My short story, It's Muhammad, will be television broadcast by VoicePrint Canada, this Saturday morning (February 14), at 9.30 Eastern Time. If you live in Canada, own a relatively new television, and would like to hear it, tune in to the CBC NewsWorld television channel and activate your SAP (MTS) button (that's Second Audio Program, Multichannel Television Sound) on your remote control.

Alternatively, you can listen to it at the VoicePrint Canada website, but the broadcast time is less certain - some time after noon.



No Sap button here. I'll bet It's Muhammad is outstanding. CBC is a tough market to crack.
Looking forward to hearing it.
Thanks Ivan. It's not exactly CBC though - I think VoicePrint just has an arrangement with them to use their national reach. VoicePrint is mostly tv for the visually impaired (with descriptive narrative added to the usual). My story is part of their Stone Soup Anthology series of short story readings.

Also, I've added a link to this post that will take you to the VoicePrint website. You can also listen in there, but the timing is less certain - some time Saturday after noon.
When you are a well known personality doing the talk shows and headed towards Oprah's book list stop in Detroit Chris. I would be glad to buy you a cuppaa joe.

Very nice step to your goal!
Congratulations, dude. I'll check out the link.
benji-super congratulations to you and thanks so much for providing the link! I agree with ivan -x dell and the walking man also-best to you as always -it is so great to see someone get underway with their projects and dreams!
hey, congrats!!
i'll check out the link myself. i wonder if they keep archives.
Well done YOU!!! Being in England I wont be able to but if it's ever broadcast her (like those ice truckers, a show I LOVE to watch) I won't miss it for the world!
Oh I missed the internet link. Stupid me! But it's too late now anyway. Shame. I would have loved to have heard it.
TWM: I'd love to join you for a coffee in Detroit some time. Never been there, but would love to go.

XD: thanks, hope you enjoy it.

Devin: thanks Devin, I'm workin on it.

Foam: they do (see link in next post), hope you enjoy.

MD: see new post with link if you still want to give it a listen. I visited your blog today but it seems to have gone blank. Hope that's a temporary glitch!
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