Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Gone in the Morning

Your mouth tasted like a train
but you were the only place to go
when I needed a little sin
so please don’t ask me where I’ve been

I stood up in the underground
put pretty red paint over crumbling mould
cranked the treble through a whammy bar
sipped an overpriced cheap whiskey
called it a den of creative energy
for new talents to get our heads bobbing
but every morning I had to emerge
blinking against the dawn
every morning I had to come home
and report everything I’d done wrong

Your skin felt like a carnival
complete with games of chance
there was a good chance I’d lose
so just don’t ask me where I’ve been

You hit me in the knees
with that falsetto melody
hammered me with a violin
until I couldn’t think straight
it was all images of nudity
feminine forms dancing just for me
on each note your eyes shot at me
It was like controlling your dreams
I could get away with anything
and it would all be erased in the morning

Your chest pounded like a marching band
but the big game was cancelled
any remaining routines
left no trace of where I’d been

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Felt that way many a morning. Even her sniff test to maybe augur the places and people I'd been to.

We be bad.
ah ..
maybe the fellow needs a new place to go home to.
Reminds me of "Sunday Morning Comin Down",,,,old Kristofferson song.
"Sunday mornin sidewalk,,in my cleanest dirty shirt,,,,,"
I enjoy your poetry.
nice. sexy. gritty. ;p

would have made an excellent portishead song :p
Maybe it is best for the classical pianist to stay the night, every night, in the smoky club bars. They already are trained in the fidelity to their music, letting them whore around in someone else bedroom maybe what loosens up the fingers for that extra bit of magic on the cello strings.
I should perhaps first clarify that this poem is a work of fiction, actually just a rush of words that came at me for no particular reason, as if some guilty ghost was telling me his story. Anyway:

Ivan: sniff test? ouch.

Foam: maybe he's found one now.

Wilsonart: I love that song! Kristofferson was such a great songwriter. Maybe it was his ghost gave me this. Oh wait, he's still alive. Anyway he was amazing back in the day. 'Loving you was easier than anything I'll ever do again.'

WhataCrock: Thanks, portishead eh? My best friend swears by them, I should give them a youtube.

TWM: Ever heard the Mermaid Ave albums? In the late 90s Billie Bragg and Wilco took a bunch of Woody Guthrie lyrics, for which the tunes had died with Woody, and they wrote their own music for them, made two great albums. Then they put out a documentary about 'the making of' and there's this great scene with Billy Bragg and Natalie Merchant - who does vocals on a few songs:

Bragg: Why is it that all the great artists can't seem to keep it in their pants? [he says this because Woody was a known philanderer.]

Merchant: Hmm. I guess I can't be a great artist after all.

Bragg: Um, uh, well.

I loved it, especially because Bragg is so pro-feminist and all and got busted in a totally sexist remark, oopsie.
These are fabulous song lyrics. I adore the images of the train and the carnival.
Never heard of the album but seeing as how Merchant is in continuous rotation on my playlist I will have to look this one up. Thanks for the tip Benji.
That is a good poem, well-crafted and I sure get it.

The poetic muse lives in Canada. Must relocate or I shall never write good poetry again! (Don't worry; he/she can stay in Canada!)
That was a lovely read.

You should go to my husband on Myspace where he recites man in black, his link is on MD blog. You'd enjoy that.

Anyway ....... I was going up and down my links to find you, swearing under my breath that I was going blind ........ And you know what?

I haven't added you (hang head in shame)

Will add you tomorrow.

Ah, brain dead today

My husband is on myspacedavidcaddy on my blog and he actually reads from his collection 'The Willy Poems'

Now let's hope that I spelled that right.

On youtube he is filmed reading Man In Black. Three videos. All you need to do is type in his name and enjoy.
PP: thanks. ironically this is one of those rare pieces of poetry i wrote without any tune in my head to go with it.

TWM: no problem, I hope you enjoy it.

EOTR: it certainly haunts these parts. i highly recommend a visit.

MD: i'll check that out soon, sounds fun. i haven't updated my links in quite some time actually.
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