Sunday, July 27, 2008


"Like a personal trainer with a penchant for fat women, I got secrets," he said. "I hold them for the protection of those around me."

I looked straight into his pale eyes, smirked, and challenged him to reveal some shade of truth.

He looked back at me. His face revealed nothing in those lingering seconds until he said:

"You don't wanna know the depths of my shoes, and that mirror you're holding so over-confidently is one place you don't want me to look.

"You think you can warm this statue, wash it clean of centuries of bird-shit and lovingly peel away the thousand layers of cold hard stone, reveal a lederhosen-clad rich boy smiling at the rain, who will hug you, relieved to have found a safe new home.

"You can scrub all you want. You can cut and slice but you underestimate the skill and the bitter obsessive determination of this stone mason self-sculptor."

I reached for him and then stopped short. He was long gone.

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I find those people who are so determined to remain a mystery shake me the most. I can't tell if they are challenging me or being honest.
Not quite sure what to make of this post. It looks like the beginning of a mystery story. If so, I'll be back soon to read some more.
The stone mason was so skilled a sculptor that he was able to hint at the mystery of the stone and all it would see.

i like Benji.
hmm this is quite mysterious.

what could he see in the mirror that couldn't already be seen?
Don't know if I agree with old Derrik from your last post. Isn't it the new level of consciousness that cracks the confines of the old one?
PP: yeah, they're really not fun people to deal with.

MD: sorry, that's all there is to that one. Just a writing exercise really. Personally I like the first line and I think it deserves a better piece to be attached to.

TWM: Thanks, I'm glad you saw something there. But as PP points out, those hints can be maddening.

NS: himself, perhaps, or perhaps I hoped so when I held it up. And perhaps he proved me wrong by indicating that he already saw himself, whether I did or not.

Jeanne: interesting philisophical question. you know, once the French destroyed feudalism it took them about a hundred years or so to figure out what to replace it with. I myself feel pretty much disgusted with this culture/'civil'ization/society, so you could say that's a new level of consiousness I reached at some point. But I still haven't figured out what happens next. So I think I'm inclined to agree with Mr. Jensen on this one.
The whole point is that true freedom implies NOT knowing what's coming next. Each action is a decision in its own right. What it became can only be seen in retrospect. Who wants another "thing"? Rather have creation.
Not sure I follow you. Another thing? I would like a new vision of what is possible. It hasn't come easily to me, or anyone else I know of.
Love that opening line.
Thanks Toast, I like it too. I just need to find a better middle and end.
Very nicely done.
Thank you, Sir. And welcome.
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