Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Drawing Lines

He took a pen and he drew a line
above one number, under another
He said 'ten years from this time
not a soul will fall asunder'

That was twenty years ago
Now four children play on swings
A fifth has no where to go
and no energy to bring

Welcome to the bottom of the poverty line
Watch those bombs fall on TV
Each could pay rent 3,000 times
They make apathy look easy

It's lonely at the top too
Welcome to the working poor
You won't suffer too little to do
12-hour shift to finish your chores

Café latte at table eight
Smile pretty for the ladies in prime
Work for welfare don't be late
Strangers watch your kids all the time

Welcome to the top of the poverty line
Not poor enough for subsidies
Dropped bomb pays rent just 2,000 times
Their apathy is still a breeze

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The standard of living here in the lower rungs of the privilege ladder would not truly be improved with a cut in defense spending. Any money saved would still go to the mega-conglomerates in their quest for more.
What you see is true.

A socoety built on waste of resoucres and human energy.
Boom! Bullseye! A direct hit on reality!
The only thing I can say to this is "Amen!"

Interesting story in the previous post. Naturally, I'm inclined to picture an intelligence interrogation.
One word .... beautiful written. Actually that's two words.

Yeah, know all about being very poor. It's a little better now but it's all going downhill again soon with prizes soaring. Back to the good old days then.
"Their apathy is still a breeze"

I'm back from a great trip to the near west of here. much catch up work to do, but hopefully i'll get some visiting in this week.

TWM: possibly true, but at the moment the biggest government investment is the war machine. imagine if wyclef was president and he took all that war money and reinvested in the poor.

Crushed: welcome here. indeed it is a tragic waste of enormous capacity.

Toast: thank you, sir. where are you? i must get back to your blog.

X: i like the idea of it being an interrogation. actually though i wrote a novella once about an interrogation, called 'woolly visions'. available at

MD: we all may be learning a lot more about it soon.

CD: snap! oh yes I did.
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